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SCCT2020|Virtual Program
9:30am ET

Symposium sponsored by Medis Medical Imaging*

CT Myocardial STRAIN: Who could imagine?
Joao Cavalcante, MD, FSCCT and Victoria Delgado, MD

10:00am ET
Channel 1 

Opening session

Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT 

 10:00am President's address
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
 10:10am Arthur S. Agatston Award
Aruthur Agatston, MD, FSCCT
Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH, FSCCT
 10:22am Achenbach Pioneer Award
Thomas Brady, MD
 10:30am Gold Medal Award
John Lesser, MD, MSCCT
 10:38am Top 8 cardiac CT papers
Todd Villines, MD, MSCCT
 10:48pm SCCT2020 highlights
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT
 10:59pm  Concluding remarks
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
11:00am ET
Morning break
11:15am ET
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Cardiovascular CT in 2020: Current developments, guidelines and trials

Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Stephan Achenbach, MD, MSCCT



Congenital heart disease: How to image challenging anatomy

Cristina Fuss, MD, PhD, FSCCT
Eric Krieger, MD



Scan challenges and safety 

Armin Zadeh, MD, PhD, MPH, FSCCT
Benjamin Chow, MD, MSCCT


 11:15am Cardiac CT in the European Chronic Coronary Syndrome guideline
Stephan Achenbach, MD, PhD
   11:15am A stepwise approach to congenital heart disease 
Karen Stout, MD
   11:15am Rhythm issues: Preparation and scan rescue
Mohamed Marwan, MD
 11:25am New guidelines in cardiac CT
Brian Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, FSCCT
   11:25am Anatomy and function: Scan optimization to answer ACHD questions
Tom Semple, MBBS, BSc
   11:27am Challenging coronaries (calcification/stents): Prep and scan rescue
Marcus Chen, MD
 11:35am Adoption of calcium scoring: Need for more data or better implementation of guidelines?
Michael Shapiro, DO, FSCCT
   11:35am Plug the hole: Imaging septal defects and procedural planning
Anthony Hlavacek, MD, MSCR
   11:39am Neglected opportunities to lower dose
Andrew Einstein, MD, PhD, MSCCT
 11:45am What are the barriers to wider adoption of cardiac CT: Guidelines vs. economics?
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
    11:45am Creating the new road: Surgical planning and intervention
Angela Weingarten, MD, MSCI
    11:51am Contrast nephropathy: Facts and fiction
Marco Rengo, MD
 11:55am Impact of ISCHEMIA on the use of cardiac CT
David Maron, MD
   11:55am Not all roads lead to the right atrium: Shunts and anomoalous vessels
B. Kelly Han, MD, FSCCT
   12:03pm Preventing and handling contrast catastrophies
Han Zhu, MD
 12:05pm Update on the latest clinical trials
Matthew Budoff, MD, MSCCT
   12:05pm Q & A    12:15pm  Q & A
 12:15pm  Panel discussion            
12:30pm ET
Lunch break
1:00pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Cardiac CT in the COVID Pandemic

Kanwal M. Farooqi, MD
Todd Villines, MD, MSCCT



Prevention and plaque imaging

Ahmad Slim, MD, FSCCT
Damini Dey, PhD, FSCCT


Best Abstracts & YIA Abstracts

Jay Earls, MD , FSCCT
Ronald Karlsberg, MD, FSCCT

 1:00pm COVID-19: Next steps in prevention
James Town, MD
   1:00pm 2020 updates in coronary plaque imaging
Chun Yuan, PhD

Best Abstract #1

Automated Artificial Intelligence Based Interpretation Of Coronary CTA: Plaque Volume, Plaque Characterization And High Risk Plaque Compared With Consensus Of Level III Expert Readers

Andrew D. Choi, MD, FSCCT

 1:15pm Cardiac CT as an alternative for transesophageal echocardiography
Andrew Choi, MD, FSCCT
   1:12pm Novel ways to report coronary calcium and present risk
Michael Blaha, MD, MPH

Best Abstract #2

Automated Artificial Intelligence-based Interpretation Of Coronary CTA: Determination Of Stenosis Severity Compared With Level III Expert Readers

Andrew D. Choi, MD, FSCCT

 1:27pm Opportunities and challenges of coronary
CTA during the COVID-19 pandemic
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
   1:24pm Identification of secondary-prevention equivalent individuals
and guidance of therapy beyond statins
Marcio Bittencourt, MD, PhD, MPH

Best Abstract #3

Feasibility And Performance Of Fully Automated Coronary Artery Calcium Scoring Using Deep Machine Learning

Abdul Rahman Ihdayhid, MBBS

 1:39pm Impact on the practice of Cardiology and Radiology
Jonathon Leipsic, MD, MSCCT
   1:36pm AI enhanced plaque interpretation
Jelmer Wolterink, PhD

YIA #1

Association Between Prosthesis Geometry And Leaflet Thrombosis Following Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement On Assessment With 320-slice Scanner Ct

Hashrul Rashid, MBBS

 1:51pm Q & A   1:48pm Pericoronary fat to assess residual cardiovascular risk
Charalambos Antoniades, MD, PhD

YIA #2

Myocardial Infarction Is Associated With A Distinct Pericoronary Adipose Tissue Radiomic Phenotype: A Prospective Case-Control Study

Andrew Lin, MBBS

      2:00pm Q & A   1:50pm

 YIA #3

Prognostic Significance Of Subtle Coronary Calcification In Patients With Zero Coronary Artery Calcium Score: From The Confirm Registry

Donghee Han, MD

2:15pm ET
Ask the Experts Breakout Discussions (View topics)
3:00pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

CT Survivor

Audience participation game

Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT
Kelley Branch, MD, FSCCT


Current topics in stable coronary disease

Stephan Achenbach, MD, MSCCT
Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, MCR, FSCCT



Advanced CT technology explained

Ronen Rubinshtein, MD
Suhny Abbara, MD, MSCCT


       3:00pm Calcium imaging in symptomatic patients
Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH, FSCCT
  3:00pm Iterative and deep learning image reconstruction
Martin Willemink, MD, PhD, FSCCT
       3:12pm Current use and limitations of CAD-RADS
Patrick Donnelly, MD, MBBS, MRCP, FSCCT
  3:10pm Spectral and photon-counting CT imaging
Rozemarjin Vliegenthart, MD, PhD
       3:24pm Interplay between plaque morphology and functional stenosis
Paul Knaapen, MD
  3:20pm Micro-CT to image vascular pathology
Alastair Moss, MD
       3:36pm Efficient integration of CT-FFR
Jeroen Bax, MD
  3:30pm Motion correction for CT angiography
Daniele Andreini, MD, PhD, FSCCT
       3:48pm Causes and consequences of overcalling coronary stenosis
Udo Hoffmann, MD
  3:40pm Myocardial strain by CT
Elliott McVeigh, PhD
       4:00pm Q & A   3:50pm  3D printing
Shannon Walters, MS, RT(R)(MRI)
            4:00pm  Q & A
4:15pm ET
Happy Hour & Ask the Experts Breakout Discussions (View topics)
9:15am ET
Symposium sponsored by GE Healthcare*

Installing and running a dedicated Cardiovascular CT Scanner: What we are learning
Jonathon Leipsic, MD, MSCCT and Philipp Blanke, MD, FSCCT
9:45am ET
SCCT business meeting
10:00am ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Advocacy update & moderated panel discussion

Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT


Structural heart disease

Aiden Abidov, MD, PhD
Barbara Srichai-Parsia, MD, FSCCT



Artificial intelligence in cardiac imaging

Michelle Williams, MD, PhD, FSCCT
Marton Kolossvary, MD, PhD


 10:00am Advocacy 101: How is payment determined?
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT
   10:00am Smart scan protocols for vascular and structural heart disease
Brian Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, FSCCT
   10:00am Fundamentals of AI, ML and DL
Michael Lu, MD, MPH
 10:10am Why nobody really knows how much cardiac CT costs?
Geoff Rubin, MD
   10:12am Complementary role of CT in cardiomyopathies
Noriko Oyama-Manabe, MD
   10:12am Automated segmentation and quantification of CT data
Ivana Isgum, MD, PhD
 10:20am SCCT advocacy efforts: The year in review
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
   10:24am Cardiac masses on CT: Common neoplasms and mimickers
Ayaz Aghayev, MD
   10:24am Discovering new pathological features using radiomics
Marton Kolossvary, MD, PhD
 10:30am SCCT advocacy efforts: Private Payors Highlights
Dustin Thomas, MD, FSCCT
   10:36am Imaging and interpreting cardiac valves on CT
Gudrun Feuchtner, MD
   10:36am Big data for outcome predictions
Piotr Slomka, PhD


Moderated panel discussion: Next steps for SCCT
Christina Berry, MPH
Cathie Biga, RN, MSN
Adam Borden, MD
Heather Brown, PhD
Julius Torelli, MD
Nick Morse
Richard Frank, MD, PhD
   10:48am CT as a tie-breaker in low-gradient/low-flow aortic stenosis
Marie-Annick, Clavel, MD
   10:48am Images interpretated by machines: How close are we?
Alex Bratt, MD
   11:00am Q & A    11:00am  Q & A
11:15am ET
Morning break
11:30am ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Gladiators arena: Great debates in cardiovascular CT

Ricardo Cury, MD, MSCCT
Todd Villines, MD, MSCCT


CT-guided Interventions I (co-endorsed by TCT)

Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT
Joao Cavalcante, MD, FSCCT



CT-FFR and perfusion imaging (co-endorsed by ASCI)

Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT
Yung-Liang Wan, MD


 11:30am AI is the panacea for cardiac imaging
Pal Maurovich-Horvat, MD, PhD, MPH, FSCCT
   11:30am Complex TAVR: Alternative access, bioprosthetic
valve fracture, BASILICA procedure
Chad Klinger, MD
   11:30am Principles of computational fluid dynamics
Alison Marsden, PhD
 11:39am Not all AI that glimmers is gold
Michael Lu, MD, MPH
   11:40am Frozen leaflets on CT: Clinical correlation of
HALT and when to sound the alarm
Jonathon Leipsic, MD, MSCCT
   11:40am CT-FFR: A dissection of techniques
Anders Persson, MD, PhD
 11:48am Rebuttal    11:50am Planning and follow-up of left atrial appendage occlusion
Jacqueline Saw, MD
   11:50am The place of CT-FFR in clinical practice
Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD, FSCCT
 11:52am Echo is the first choice for LAA occlusion planning
James Kirkpatrick, MD
   12:00pm Planning thoracic endovascular graft placement
Dominik Fleischmann, MD
   12:00pm Acute infarction and chronic myocardial scar: CT vs. MRI
Kakuya Kitagawa, MD, PhD, FSCCT
 12:01pm CT is the first choice for LAA occlusion planning
Michael Salerno, MD, PhD
   12:10pm Role of CT in planning transcatheter
mitral valve replacement
Amit Pursani, MD
   12:10pm Myocardial blood flow by CT: Techniques and performance
Francesca Pugliese, MD, PhD
 12:10pm Rebuttal    12:20pm CT guidance of pre-emptive alcohol septal
ablation to prevent LVOT obstruction by TMVR
John Lesser, MD, MSCCT
   12:20pm CT perfusion imaging in clinical practice
 * The second portion of this session is not accredited for CME    
Q & A
 Q & A
 12:14pm Ischemia is still important for decision making
Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, MD, PhD

 12:23pm Coronary plaque should drive therapy
Jim Min, MD, PhD
 12:32pm  Rebuttal            

12:45pm ET
Symposium sponsored by Siemens Healthineers*

Driving AI Innovation in Cardiothoracic CT Imaging
Puneet Sharma, PhD, Siemens Healthineers
1:15pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

Multimodality Imaging in Acute and Chronic COVID-19 (co-endorsed by ASNC/SCMR)

Marcelo DiCarli, MD
Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD, FSCCT



CT-guided interventions II

Philipp Blanke, MD, FSCCT
Omar Khalique, MD, FSCCT



Women and atherosclerosis

Martha Gulati, MD
Barbara Srichai-Parsia, MD, FSCCT

 1:15pm Chest CT findings in COVID-19
Ann Leung, MD

   1:15pm Post-infarction ventricular septal defect
closure: A step-by-step CT evaluation
Markus Scherer, MD, FSCCT
   1:15pm Strengths and limitations of stress testing in women
Martha Gulati, MD
 1:25pm Role of cardiac CT
Gianluca Pontone, MD, PhD, FSCCT
   1:27pm Paravalvular leak closure: Defect localization and sizing
Omar Khalique, MD
   1:27pm Sex differences in the burden of atherosclerosis
Quynh Truong, MD, MPH, MSCCT

 1:35pm When is CMR helpful? 
Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, MD, PhD
   1:39pm CT lessons about transseptal crossing
for transcatheter interventions
Dmitry Levin, MD
   1:39pm Unique role of MRI for evaluation
of cardiovascular disease in women
Chiara Bucciarelli-Ducci, MD, PhD
 1:45pm Echocardiography first
James Kirkpatrick, MD
   1:51pm Planning pulmonary vascular interventions
Robert Frantz, MD
   1:51pm How to diagnose microvascular disease: Complementary value of CT
angiography and PET
Viviany Taqueti, MD, MPH
 1:55pm Role of nuclear imaging
Sharmila Dorbala, MD
   2:03pm Planning peripheral vascular interventions
Edwin Takahashi, MD
   2:03pm Clinical management of microvascular
and non-obstructive coronary disease in women
Janet Wei, MD
 2:05pm Selecting between tests based on clinical question
Marcelo Di Carli, MD
   2:15pm Q & A    2:15pm  Q & A
 2:15pm  Panel discussion            
2:30pm ET
Ask the Experts Breakout Discussions (View topics)
3:00pm ET
Channel 1    Channel 2    Channel 3

The future of cardiovascular CT

Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT



Post-interventional imaging

J. Jeffrey Carr, MD, PhD, MSCCT
Quynh Truong, MD,MPH, MSCCT



Lead and not just read: Trainees and ECPs in CT

Manuja Premarnte, MD, MBBS, FSCCT
Nidhi, Madan, MD, MPH


 3:00pm Appropriate use of CT in stable and acute chest pain
David Newby, MD, PhD
   3:00pm Stents and bypass grafts
Daniele Andreini, MD, PhD, FSCCT
   3:00pm President's talk to trainee/ECP
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
 3:10pm Genetics, omics and cardiac CT
Pradeep Natarajan, MD
   3:10pm Prosthetic valves: Normal, worn and infected
Young Joo Suh, MD
   3:10pm Cardiac CT research: The editor's perspective
Todd Villines, MD, MSCCT
 3:20pm Challenges ahead for the field of cardiac CT
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT
   3:20pm Pacemakers and wires
Lynn Hurwitz, MD, FSCCT
   3:20pm Future of CT training and competency
Andrew Choi, MD, FSCCT
 3:30pm Scanner hardware: What will be the next leap forward?
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT
   3:30pm Atrial and spetal occluders
Orly Goitein, MD
   3:30pm Structural imaging training & challenges
James Lee, MD, FSCCT
 3:40pm Computer-augmented cardiac CT
Damini Dey, PhD, FSCCT
   3:40pm Mechanical circulatory support
Tan Swee Yaw, MD
   3:40pm International training
Jonathan Weir-McCall, MBCHB, PhD
 3:50pm Global workforce and education challenges
Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT
   3:50pm Cardiac transplant monitoring
Ricardo Budde, MD, PhD
   3:50pm Bridging the gender gap
Pamela Woodard, MD
 4:00pm  Q & A   4:00pm  Q & A    4:00pm  Q & A
4:15pm ET
Channel 1 

Closing session

Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT 

 4:15pm Welcome and take-home points
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
 4:25pm SCCT2020 Highlights
Ed Nicol, MD, MBA, FSCCT
 4:40pm Presentation of the SCCT2020 Awards: Best Abstract and Canon Young Investigator Awards
Ron Blankstein, MD, MSCCT
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT 
 4:45pm Imcoming President's address
Koen Nieman, MD, PhD, FSCCT 
5:00pm ET
On Demand topic

CTA Guideline
Harvey Hecht, MD, FSCCT

Diagnostic performance and pitfalls of CT-FFR
Timothy Fairbairn, MD, PhD, MBChB

Dual-energy CT for enhanced myocardial imaging
Gaston Rodriguez-Granillo, MD, PHD


Cardiac CT Image reconstruction from FBP to IR
Rebecca Schofield, MD

Post-processing principles and pitfalls
Geoff Rubin, MD

Quality parameters and artifacts
Harold Litt, MD, PhD


A systematic approach to incidental findings
Ella Kazerooni, MD, MS

Constrast media and injection protocols
Hans-Christoph Becker, MD, FSCCT

Patient preparation and premedication
Mouaz Al- Mallah, MD, MSc, FSCCT

Reporting and communicating results
Jay Earls, MD, FSCCT

Rescuing scans that went bad
Brian Ghoshhajra, MD, MBA, FSCCT


How to combine cardiac CT and MRI in evaluating aortic stenosis?
Joao Cavalcante, MD, FSCCT

How to select best functional test after an equivocal CT angiogram?
Sharmilla Dorbala, MD

Integrating CT angiography and functional testing: Lessons from the ISCHEMIA trial
Randall Thompson, MD

When is stress MRI preferred over cardiac CT?
Michael Salerno, MD, PHD



Calcium imaging in trial designs
Khurram Nasir, MD, MPH, FSCCT

Hepatic steatosis as a novel cardiovascular risk factor
Maros Ferencik, MD, PhD, MCR, FSCCT

How early is too early for calcium imaging?
Micheal Miedema, MD, MPH

Should coronary CT angiography be considered in asymptomatic individual?
Matthew Budoff, MD, MSCCT


Cardiac CT for planning robotic-assisted cardiac valve procedures
Eric Williamson, MD, FSCCT

CT and PET findings in cardiac infections
Ayaz Aghayev, MD

CT evaluation of infiltrative cardiac disease
Gianluca Pontone, MD, PHD, FSCCT

CT for interventional planning: Safe access to the heart
James Lee, MD, FSCCT

CT in pericardial disease
Nuno Bettencourt, MD, PhD, MPH

Flow simulations in structural heart disease
Ronak Rajani, MD, PHD, FSCCT

Normal finding and complications after atrial appendage occlusion
Kasper Korsholm, MD


Chest pain triage in the ED
Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD, FSCCT

Critical care and trauma
Claire Sandstrom, MD

Preventive cardiology
Ahmad Slim, MD, FSCCT

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The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography designates this live educational activity for a maximum of 10.25 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.
Physicals should claim only the credit commensurate with the extent of their participation in the activity. 
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*Sponsored Symposia are not a part of the SCCT program content as designed by the SCCT Annual Scientific Program Committee and are not approved for CME credit. 

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