Siemens Outstanding Academic Research Awards
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Abstract submissions are closed. If you have questions about your abstract, please contact:

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Abstracts submitted online (with a notation on the abstract that it is intended for SOAR Award consideration) will be evaluated by both the SCCT Abstracts Grading Committee and the SOAR Award Committee. Submitted SOAR Award abstracts that are not selected to be finalists will still be eligible for regular abstract sessions, though the SOAR Award committee does not guarantee placement in these sessions.

Six finalists will be selected and each will give an oral presentation in a special session at the Annual Scientific Meeting. All finalists must register for the Annual Meeting.  The abstracts and presentations will be judged by an independent panel, and one winning finalist and a runner up finalist will be recognized. Further information will be forthcoming.


  • Eligible to all submitting abstracts
  • Material submitted for the SOAR program must pertain to a topic specified by the SOAR committee.
  • If abstract is selected, it is mandatory that submitter attend SCCT ASM 2017 to present.

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