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Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography


The Journal of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (JCCT) is a unique peer-review journal that integrates the entire international cardiovascular CT community. The goal of JCCT is to advance the field of cardiovascular CT as the leading cardiovascular CT journal, attracting seminal work in the field with rapid and timely dissemination in electronic and print media. Please visit the JCCT website for more information. 


Call for applications: Editor-in-chief (2019 – 2023)

SCCT is seeking applicants for the position of JCCT editor-in-chief (EIC) to serve a five-year term beginning in January 2019. The new EIC will succeed Dr. Stephen Achenbach, whose term ends on December 31, 2018. There will be a six-month transition period starting in June 2018.

To apply: Send materials listed below to no later than 5:00 pm U.S. Eastern time on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017.

Summary of position

The EIC is responsible for peer review of all articles submitted; JCCT receives approximately 325 submissions per year at present. The EIC selects the Editorial Board who will assist with peer review. The EIC may develop editorial policies that ensure the integrity and quality of content and which may be reviewed and approved by the SCCT Board of Directors, in whole or in part. The EIC is solely responsible for final decisions on acceptance or rejection of submitted articles. See Responsibilities of the JCCT Editor-in-chief for full information.


The ideal candidate:

  • Must be an SCCT member
  • Have served on the Editorial Board of JCCT
  • Have at least three years of experience in a senior journal editorial position
  • Have widely recognized expertise in the field of cardiovascular CT

Application process

Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria should email a letter of interest and a current CV to no later than 5:00 pm U.S. Eastern time on Monday, Oct. 16, 2017.

The letter of interest should be no more than three pages and include:

  • A brief vision statement for JCCT (see Aims and Scope of JCCT for more information)
  • Ideas for creating a wider reach, increasing submissions and enlarging the audience for JCCT
  • Views on collaboration between the EIC, the Society and the publisher
  • A brief description of any responsibilities/commitments/leadership roles/financial or   ownership involvement that might constitute a conflict or duality of interest with the EIC role, and how the applicant plans to manage the time commitment.

Applications will be kept confidential unless a candidate is sent forward to the Board of Directors.

EIC Selection Committee

The SCCT president has appointed a selection committee of four to six members, which includes the current EIC. Members who apply for the EIC position are not be eligible to sit on the EIC Selection Committee. Members of the Executive Committee (EC) of the SCCT Board of Directors who apply will recuse themselves from deliberations of the final slate of candidates; members of the Board who apply will recuse themselves from approving the EC’s recommendation.


The EIC Selection Committee reviews applications and considers candidates based on:

  • Quality and history of involvement with SCCT
  • Quality and history of involvement with JCCT
  • Publishing record, experience and expertise related to JCCT’s scope
  • Vision and views as expressed in the letter of interest
  • Understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the EIC as expressed in the letter of   interest
  • Enthusiasm for and likely commitment to the role
  • Any other appropriate criteria

The chair of the EIC Selection Committee presents a rank-ordered slate of up to three candidates to the EC of the SCCT Board of Directors. The EC approves one final candidate to recommend to the Board. Upon Board approval of the recommendation, the successful candidate and the SCCT executive director negotiate a contract. Changes to the contract must be approved by the EC.

Questions?  Please contact Joanne Olson

Additional information

Aims and Scope of JCCT 

Responsibilities of the JCCT Editor-in-chief 




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