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Welcome to SCCT Committees


Committee Volunteers

SCCT depends on its members to get involved and advance our mission. Our volunteers help set standards, develop products, create courses, direct subspecialty activities, advocate for cardiovascular CT on the federal and state levels and more.  Our volunteer structure is organized to take advantage of the expertise and energies of our members and to promote opportunities for deeper membership engagement. 


Available positions will be reviewed by application only. Applications will be available in January 2019. 


SCCT committee members must be a member of SCCT in good standing and must maintain their membership during the entirety of their committee terms. Committee members have the overall responsibility for supporting the SCCT Board of Directors and carrying out the committee charges as set forth by the Board. Specific composition, roles and responsibilities are maintained in the SCCT Committee Mission Statements.


Each committee member is expected to be an active committee participant for the entire committee term, which is usually three years.

  • Engages in committee communication and collaboration.
  •  Attends face-to-face committee meeting at the ASM during his or her term, and participates in conference calls.
  • Possess knowledge and awareness of issues and concerns of the community as it relates to his or her committee.
  • Responds to the interests and concerns of SCCT members as they relate to the committee.
  • Has sufficient time to fulfill committee assignments (such as writing or reviewing policy documents, developing educational content, etc) by assigned dates.
  • Participates on a subcommittee or task force if requested.
  • Responds promptly to correspondence and information requests from the committee liaison, chair, and other committee members.
  • Reviews all relevant material prior to meetings.
  • Supports SCCT’s goals and objectives.
  • Maintains current membership in SCCT during committee term.
  • Promotes volunteer involvement by maintaining an understanding of activities, discussions and programs.
  • Immediately informs the staff liaison and committee chair if personal or professional circumstances change to the extent that they cause disruption in the ability to perform the above-listed responsibilities.

Position Availability

Each committee has volunteer positions available based on specific composition, roles and responsibilities.

The application process will open in January 2019. Committee participation is limited and not all volunteers will be able to serve on a committee at the same time. Women and non-U.S. members of SCCT are particularly encouraged to apply.

Committee appointments are made by the SCCT President, jointly with the President-elect. Questions about the selection process or duties of each committee may be directed to Claire Johns at


415 Church St. NE, Suite 204
Vienna, VA 22180-4751