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Welcome to the SCCT Advocacy Blog, we look forward to your avid participation and support for advocacy and policy issues that help to appropriately grow the field of cardiovascular CT. This is an exciting time for SCCT. We have been working very hard in garnering equitable coverage and reimbursement for CT. Given all of the outstanding evidence support the accuracy and effectiveness of our modality, greater coverage can only improve patient care. But, what can you do? We invite you to use this blog to ask questions and to post concerns your successes with local payers. This is your opportunity to contribute to growing SCCT and the field of cardiovascular CT. Please also join our other public forums on Facebook and Twitter…. I look forward to hearing all of your many continued successes and to sharing your advocacy views on our SCCT Advocacy Blog. Let’s get going, we have lots to do!

- Dr. Leslee J. Shaw, FSCCT

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