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Cardiovascular CT Imaging



Great course. Learnt a lot of procedure of obtaining and interpreting CT scans. Will help in my further career in EP.

This was an excellent course that provided me with basic and more advanced knowledge for cardiovascular CT; it also provided a variety of cases for review.

Enjoyed the course and material. Good instructor.

I spent 5 days at Dr Bhasin's Cardiac CT training course. This was one of the best courses I have attended during my fellowship. There was ample opportunity to review as many CT scans as we wanted. The lectures were excellent and covered many aspects of clinical cardiology as well as the CT curriculum. The staff was approachable and helpful. Dr Bhasin is an excellent imager and an amazing clinician. Excellent course.

An excellent course which covered a broad range of imaging pathology, and tools and techniques for thorough interpretation. Dr Bhasin took great efforts to correlate imaging findings with clinical findings and outcomes, which brought this sub-specialty to life. He did so in a lively and entertaining fashion; and I really feel like I learned as much about clinical and humanistic skills, as I did about cardiac imaging. This course should be a required 'finishing school' for cardiology fellowship.

It is an absolute necessity for all cardiology fellows before they graduate, whether they pursue a career in cardiac CT s or not. I, have, for the first time in 3 years of my cardiology training, understood the complex cardiac and thoracic anatomy in its entirety. I am comfortable reading coronary CT angiograms and call the degree of stenosis as one would see in an angiogram. We had enormous exposure to aortic syndromes and PE. I had the opportunity to review complex pathologies and correlate with clinical information, cath images, and operative reports. Mohit Bhasin was an excellent teacher and a great mentor.

Excellent course. Great anatomical correlation with clinical data and other imaging modalities. Excellent aortic and congenital cases and lectures.

This is the fourth level II course I have taken and by far the best. Dr Bhasin is an outstanding teacher with intense dedication to teaching. His case selection and pathology is extremely diverse. I took the course as a review to keep current and learned more from this course than any previous course. I would very strongly recommend this course to any one interested in starting to read CTA or as a review if volumes are not enough to maintain level II certification.

Dr. Bhasin is a natural teacher who has a lot of enthusiasm, energy and insight into the field. I worked my butt off in his class and learned more in five days (probably 70 hours) than I thought was possible. He also answered esoteric questions I had about techniques in both MR and CT. He provided evidence based medicine and current literature whenever possible and was equally welcoming to both Radiologists and Cardiologists in the course. Awesome A+ experience. I will do this course again in the future.

This course is amazing and amazingly intense! It's a must for any cardiology fellow who wants to enhance their skills in cardiothoracic anatomy and differential diagnoses. This course will also help with Echo, cath image and MRI interpretation.

Dr. Bhasin gave an outstanding Cardiac CT course. His teaching is excellent and I feel comfortable reading and picking up obvious pathology in Cardiac CT. This would also be a great introductory course for all fellows and hope that he continuous to share his knowledge with us. I highly recommend this course to all cardiology and radiology fellows across the country.

All aspects of the course were amazing. It's very well priced and affordable for a fellow. The teaching is very interactive and focused. I cannot think I could have possibly learnt so much in 5 days. The best aspect is hands on involvement with reading scans and translating theoretical knowledge into practice straight away.

There are certain elements of any course that we should consider when evaluating it and I will try to go over each: AFFORDABILITY: This is one of the few courses available in the US that is very affordable for fellows-in-training. Other similar courses will cost 2 to 3 times as much. TIME-ECONOMY: The amount of skill you develop in this course over a matter of 5 days (five VERY busy days) is phenomenal. The key feature is the amount of hands-on time you will spend during this crash course in cardiac (actually, cardiothoracic) CT. You can stay all night if you want, reading CTs, correlating your findings with cath films, echo reports and then finally with the official CT report. CONTENT: This course covers essentially all you need to know as a cardiology fellow interested in CT. Will you walk out as a qualified imaging expert? Probably not. But you WILL come out knowing that you can easily and quickly read a cardiac CT from a cardiologist's perspective (even some CHD) and in some instances, do a better job than most radiologists. You will also come out with an excellent grasp on thoracic anatomy and also the realities of life after fellowship... something that other course may not offer. INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Bhasin was born for this. I can't conceive a better individual teaching this course. His delivery is unique, his knowledge is comprehensive and multifaceted, and his approach is extremely practical and extremely enjoyable. If you take everything else away, just the fact that Dr. Bhasin is teaching this course should be enough to have you sign up for this. OVERALL: Nothing is perfect, but this course (for fellows) is as close as you can get. SUGGESTIONS: 1. Find a hotel on the same side of the tunnels. 2. Plan to stay for long hours. 3. Don't bring friends or family, this is not a vacation. 4. Bring a book of cardiac anatomy and CHD if you can. 5. Convince a co-fellow/friend to come along as reading scans together can be much educational and fun.

Dr. Bhasin's course is a "must" for fellows looking to gain competency in reading cardiac CT. Taking this course will help fellows understand the appropriate clinical use of cardiac CT, the basics of CT coronary angiography, cardiac anatomy and morphology, and the use of cardiac CT as a diagnostic tool for Acute Aortic Syndromes, TAVR and Congenital Heart Disease. Dr. Bhasin' teaching style and makes learning CT, and its use, fun and interesting. Even though his course training is intense, I was always engaged and intrigued. His clinical anecdotes and life advice are also important for senior fellows to hear prior to going out into practice. I highly recommend this course!

Great course! I learned a lot of new knowledge - and am sure that I will be able to apply it to my daily work. I highly recommend anyone interested in expanding their Cardiology skills to take this course.

I am very impressed. The course director is very energetic and has amazing teaching skills. What I like the most about the course is the focus on the patient outcome. It teaches in depth the principles of cardiac CT imaging. I think it should an essential part of the training of all cardiology fellows. One of the best courses I attended.

Amazing course! Outstanding cases, this course exceeds expectations. Dr. Bhasin is energetic and knows how to teach the content very well. Highly recommended and well worth taking.

Great course. Great cases. Very dynamic.

Excellent review of CTA basics and technicalities. A wide variety of cases reviewed extensively hands on. Great PowerPoint lectures to support reading skills. Would recommend this course highly.

This was a fantastic course. Dr. Bhasin is very energetic and an amazing teacher. Not only do I now feel facile with interpreting Cardiac CT and using the workstation, I also feel like I learned a lot about cardiovascular disease in general. Dr. Bhasin is really dedicated to fellow’s education and puts his all in to the course. It’s the best training course in any specialty that I have ever been to. I highly recommend it.

The Cardiac CT course by Dr. Bhasin is excellent. You get more than you expect in terms of didactics, technical training and sample cases that you would have never seen before. Would highly recommend for anybody who is looking for a great learning experience.

Very good course. Definitely worthwhile! Dr. Bhasin takes fellows from not knowing anything about CT all the way to being comfortable with CT. Would absolutely recommend it.

I heard amazing things about this course before I attended and it far surpassed my expectations. Mo has a mastery of the topic and is an incredible teacher. It was excellent preparation for my CT reading as well as my future interventional cardiology fellowship. Moreover, it significantly improved my understanding of coronary disease, structural heart disease and congenital heart disease. Definitely worth the money and time.

Excellent course. The director is inspiring and enthusiastic. This course should be a requirement for all cardiology fellows. The courses nuances on practicing cardiology are invaluable.

Preparing for multiple board exams, I have taken a number of courses to prepare. This course is the best for a number of reasons. Besides the excellent training in reading CT scans, I feel I also received great review in congenital and aortic pathology. The course director's manner of teaching is comfortable and laid back which lends itself to an open discussion of the technical aspects of CT. I also enjoyed the additional perspectives regarding the overall practice of medicine and caring for patients. I highly recommend this course.

This course is exceptional. The education is very clinically oriented. This information can be used in my practice, immediately.

I attended the Cardiovascular CT Imaging Intensive Level II Training Course/Introduction to 3D Vascular Angiography at Sentara Heart Hospital in Norfolk VA in September 2010. I found it to be excellent and learned a great deal.

excellent course. covered all aspects of CT imaging. highly recommend it.

Excellent training course. Speaker is motivated to provide guidance and really enjoys teaching. Would definitely recommend this course.

Dr. Bhasin gives an excellent overview of applications of cardiac imaging and cardiac CT, with a focus on CAD, peripheral vascular and congenital heart disease. The course is case-based and the syllabus is reinforced with board-style review questions and CT imaging of the must-not-miss diagnoses.

Great speaker, held my attention throughout the course, Must attend for anyone who wants learn CTA

This was an excellent course. Complete didactic material and lots of "hands on" experience with case studies. Very diverse pathology is seen including CAD, PVD, Congenital heart disease, pulmonary pathology and acute aortic syndromes. The course director is very personable and energetic and keeps the participant interested at all times. The course is very interactive, even the didactic session. Do expect long hours, but it’s worth every second.

Excellent course. Great value for money. More than adequate for Level 2 Cardiac CT course. Highly recommended.

Excellent cardiac CT course. The lectures were phenomenal and clearly applicable to patient care. Dr. Bhasin was quite approachable and an excellent speaker. I would highly recommend this course to any of my colleagues.

This was an amazing course, Dr. Bhasin is phenomenal, and his excitement and intellect about the field of cardiovascular CT is obvious and is infectious. The week was extremely intense but I learned more this week than I have learned in the past few months. I think all cardiology fellows should be required to take this course.

This is an excellent class in which much pathology is reviewed. I would highly recommend this class for others who are interested in cardiac CT. I feel much more comfortable with CT as an imaging option.

Excellent course. The course instructor, Dr. Bhasin, has a tremendous knowledge base in the field of cardiovascular imaging. He is well spoken and does an excellent job teaching. Also, the small group size allows the participants to work directly with Dr. Bhasin at imaging stations. Overall, I would highly recommend this course to future participants who are interested in cardiovascular imaging.

Outstanding course, Dr. Bhasin really into teaching. Would recommend course readily to others interested in heart CT

This course was absolutely outstanding. The quality of teaching in advanced cardiac CT imaging is incredible, with a strong emphasis on covering a wide spectrum of pathology including acute aortic syndromes and adult congenital disease. The course director is a very knowledgeable and skilled expert in his field and is an enthusiastic teacher who is able to cover complex material in a way that makes it easy to understand and highly memorable. In addition to the outstanding CT training, I have learned a great deal about general Cardiology. I will be recommending this to everyone I meet!

Excellent week long course in Norfolk Virginia. The instruction is clear, concise and fast paced. You may feel you know your cardiac anatomy but this course will teach you new relationships between structures. Excellent quality of studies to learn from with appropriate heart rate control. Gained quick familiarity with the terarecon work station and how to navigate through a data set on my own. Nice balance: watched live acquisitions, reviewed studies as a group, and had didactics. One day focused on congenital alone which was extremely helpful to a fellow in training and likely to help one pass a few questions on boards. Course limited to 9 and small group helps make sure everyone is progressing. Great course!!!

excellent course. terrific teaching. Dr.Bhasin rocks.

ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING COURSE. A MUST FOR EVERYONE IN GENERAL CARDIOLOGY FELLOWSHIP. This will help not only in CT training but also general cardiology, echo, TEE, cath, EP. I wish I had done this course in the first month of fellowship or even earlier.

This is a well-organized course. There is good overlap between didactics, hands on sessions and live acquisition. This prepares us for reading right away.

Great Course. Very educational.

Excellent comprehensive course. Doctor Bhasin is an excellent teacher.

This is a fantastic course. Dr. Bhasin provided an interactive, hands-on approach to CT imaging and daily didactic sessions. He was informative, and an effective teacher. The course also included relevant board-review style questions. I highly recommend this course to all that want to improve their skill-set and practiced-based approach to patient care.

I am a cardiology fellow in a tertiary care center and I saw during this week a lot of amazing cases that Dr Bhasin gathered over the years. This week definitely gave me the confidence I need to read CTA's and even complex ones and congenital ones. This course is valuable for the fellow's in training and practicing physician alike who would like to take their reading skills to the next level. Great Job Dr Bhasin

Excellent course. Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher. Presented several topics with great clarity. Would highly recommend to all cardiologists, it will help in their approach to difficult cases.

One of the best courses I have been too. Increased my knowledge significantly and will change my practice

This course was very helpful, fun, informative, and interactive. I plan to further engage myself in Cardiac CT by reading and studying it more. Thanks so much to Dr. Bhasin for making an extremely challenging and vital modality interesting and fun.

One of the VERY BEST courses/conferences that I have ever attended. So much useful information. Mohit Bhasin is an extremely talented teacher. Proctor Harvey of Cardiac CT/MRI!

This is the best CME training I ever attended. From the course target point of view It is an excellent course and training. Dr. Basin is dedicated to teaching and he is an excellent instructor. In a nutshell I am impressed with his teaching and the variety of cases I saw. I strongly recommend for anyone who is interested in cardiac CT

excellent course. great lectures. small class size made for a great learning environment. Dr. Bhasin loves to teach and makes the course enjoyable, fun and informative.

Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher. This is an excellent imaging course incorporating clinical and imaging data. After this course I feel more comfortable to diagnose varieties of diseases by imaging. I recommend others to take this course. This course is not only helpful to diagnose by imaging but also it is helpful to manage patients for better outcomes.

CT course at Sentara Heart Institute, at Norfolk, VA is excellent. Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher and would strongly recommend to everyone interested in getting advanced coaching in CTA and MRI imaging. This 5 day course is exceptionally great. Course is cheap and only 9 per session. Dr. Bhasin's individual attention to all the participants and his close attention towards our progress during these 5 days are awesome. It was nice to come here and gain knowledge of CTA and MRI. I once again thank Dr. Bhasin for putting up such an excellent course together. Thank you Dr. Bhasin.

Excellent course. Highly recommend to everyone.

This is an intense and excellent course. Dr. Bhasin is a phenomenal teacher and he was able to cover much ground with detailed explanations within 1 week. I would recommend this course highly to anyone who is considering reading CT in their careers.


Excellent comprehensive course would recommend to all the cardiology fellows and also cardiologist.

One of the best training courses I have ever taken! Dr Bhasin is an outstanding and an enthusiastic teacher. I have learned whole lot about cardiac anatomy and application of cardiac CTA in daily clinical practice over the last five days. I would strongly recommend this course to every fellow and cardiologist.

Excellent course and lot of information. Now I know how to assess and evaluate Coronary, Aortic and Congenital heart diseases using this modality. I would highly recommend this to all my co-fellows and attending to attend and get the insight into this investigative tool. Dr. Bhasin is an excellent speaker, teacher and very knowledgeable person. I wish we had him in our institution.

This is an excellent learning course for cardiac CT. It is very comprehensive. It teaches very practical applications with good background about physics. It also teaches concepts about imaging for congenital heart disease and peripheral vascular disease. Highly recommend it for cardiology fellows.

The CT course by Dr.Bhasin is an excellent experience and I would strongly recommend it for any cardiologist. It is helpful not only for CT interpreting skills but also to refresh your anatomy and to apply the knowledge to be a better echocardiographer and a better cardiologist taking care of your patients.

I firmly believe that the CVAL CCTA course is an invaluable tool in any cardiologist's tool belt, whether or not they choose to interpret CCTA's in their career. After taking this course, I can say that my understanding of the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, as well as non-cardiac structures, has been dramatically improved; all of sudden everything I have been doing during the first 2 years of my fellowship began to make sense. For example, now I completely understand why certain structures appear the way they do on TTE, TEE or cath views. I believe the value of this course in exponentially enhanced because it is being taught by a cardiologist who is intimately familiar with cardiovascular pathophysiology. That said, I find Dr. Bhasin to be an extraordinary cardiologist who masterfully has incorporated CV imaging into his CLINICAL practice, making it an even more useful course to the trainees. I highly recommend this course to all cardiovascular specialists, no matter how long they have been in practice.

Excellent course. Would recommend it to all fellows. Most helpful if you are in second year of fellowship. Dr. Bhasin is an outstanding speaker and teacher.

Excellent, would recommend to all fellows. Excellent program director that is enthusiastic and eager to teach.

It was real pleasure learning from Dr. Bhasin. This is an excellent course with tremendous learning opportunities. I would highly recommend this course for all cardiology fellows.

Excellent course, worth every penny no question about.

I am glad I attended the course. It is the best course I have ever attended. Dr. Bhasin made this course, so easy to understand and apply, I understand cardiology much better. Dr. Bhasin's effort should be applauded.

Absolutely an AWESOME course!

Very exceptional and highly recommended CTA training course. Highly affordable by fellows in training.

Dr Bhasin is exceptional. This is the best decision I have made in a long time. You cannot imagine how helpful this course has been on multiple levels. He went above and beyond every day, to improve my education, make me a better physician and reinforced my faith in being a better person. This course will change my practice in a revolutionary manner. I will be a better physician who will understand disease process, help patients more. Areas which have dramatically improved include, congenital heart disease, anatomy, surgical understanding of heart disease. I mean every word I have said, you can and should take it to the bank. I vouch for this fine cardiologist. I am proud to be associated with him and be his trainee.

great course, with great cases.

Mohit Bhasin is a phenomenal teacher and a wonderful mentor. He excels not just in Cardiac CT, but also in clinical cardiology and it is his passion and knowledge about Cardiology in general that makes his Cardiac CT course outstanding. It was by far the best week of learning I've had during my 2 years of fellowship. I feel like I am a much better Cardiologist now because of this course.

Excellent course with wide clinical applications.

excellent course, detailed review of cardiac pathology and understanding detailed cardiac CT basics

This course meets the needs of anyone who wants to learn Cardiovascular CT imaging. All of the relevant topics were covered, and the number of cases that can be read is more than adequate.

Course was great and very educational. Got a good overview of cardiac CT and feel like I can really use this modality in my practice moving forward. Dr. Bhasin is a great and energetic teacher.

Excellent teaching and phenomenal database of interesting patient cases. I will recommend this course highly to my colleagues. Time and money well spent!

This was a very well organized course. Goals and objectives were specified right at the onset and rechecked daily, and at the end. The SCCT guidelines and objectives were clearly met. Cases were well organized and categorized to fully meet the learning objectives. The course director made a tremendous effort to maximize the educational value while meeting all the SCCT criteria, in a very conducive environment. Overall an amazing personal educational experience.

This is a fantastic course. Dr. Bhasin provides a thorough and intensive review/ instruction on the indications and techniques of cardiac CTA. He has a very impressive case log with a wide variety of cardiac pathology for review. This course was a highlight of my clinical cardiology training, no doubt.

Wonderful course. Intense, informative, and fun.

Excellent cases of high quality. Excellent clinical correlation with other imaging modalities and cases histories of all case studies.

This was an outstanding course, with lots of great learning, both didactic and hands-on. Very busy week, but at the end I feel I have gained a lot of new knowledge.

great course. learned a great deal. course is intense, but you get everything that you want and more. very thought provoking and educational. excellent course. plan for long days

excellent training good hands on good comparisons with multimodality imaging comparing CT with Cath good correlative data.

this is one of the best educational courses I have ever attended

Fantastic week. Dr. Bhasin is a talented teacher. Case based approach is very high yield. Thank you!!

Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher and an outstanding physician. He demonstrated extensive knowledge not just in the field of cardiovascular CT, but cardiology in general. I enjoyed his presentations a lot.

This course was awesome. Not only it provided the comprehensive knowledge regarding cardiac CT but also gave us great hands on training, and excellent cases.

Outstanding, case based course with a wide variety of pathology. Algorythmic approach. Enthusiastic mentor. I will be recommending this course to my colleagues.

This was an excellent, comprehensive course that covered all aspects of Cardiac CT. Dr Bhasin is thorough and very patient. I have learnt a lot from this course and feel that this modality is going to change the way I deal and manage my patients in the future. If they ever offer a refresher course, I will be the first to sign up.

Excellent and very highly recommended course. One of the best courses for cardiologists especially so for fellows in training. A lot of hands on experience. A diverse range of pathology not only limited to coronary disease but also cardiovascular structural disease. A lot of pathology relating to adult congenital heart disease.

Fantastic course! Great selection of cases to review and fabulous instructor!

Outstanding course. Sufficient time dedicated to actual reading of studies along with a very broad disease spectrum available for review. Dr. Bhasin and colleagues have put together an absolutely top notch experience that prepares clinicians to take the front lines. I have taken similar shorter courses sponsored by ACC and SCCT and found myself frustrated with the depth and time dedicated to actually reading images on the workstation and found this course allowed me to get comfortable manipulating the images to identify coronary anatomy and lesions and to examine other cardiac and extracardiac structures. Very Highly Recommended!

Amazing course. Program is well structured, comprehensive, and intensive. In addition to tons of coronary cases, there are plenty of congenital, acute aortic syndrome, peripheral, and pulmonary cases. Dr. Bhasin is an effective teacher and clearly very dedicated to teaching. I would gladly return for additional weekend update course.

This is great course! Hands-on experience. Great teacher. Great set of cases archived for teaching purposes. Several congenital heart disease cases as well as cath and echo correlations. Excellent training center.

Outstanding Course!!! Excellent teachers and great cases. It is very well done. I have recommended it to all of my colleagues.

Dr. Bhasin's course (CVAL associates, Norfolk VA) was great. The class size was limited to 9, and each of us had a workstation to ourselves all week. Very good coronary artery disease/congenital heart disease cases, good mix of lectures, demonstrations and hands on experience.

phenomenal course! Excellent teacher, mentor and host. I came from an academic institution in a CT program and the variety of cases I was able to review would definitely be unmatched by any program.

Absolutely outstanding course. The best CME I have participated in.

Dr. Mo Bhasin is an excellent teacher and mentor! The information and knowledge I gained from this week is invaluable. I would recommend this to all cardiology fellows in training -- the earlier you do it in your training, the better!

A highly recommended course. Excellent and very informative lectures. It not only emphasizes the technical aspects of the modality but also its clinical relevance.

An excellent course. I will do it again.

The best CT course out of the ones I have participated in or heard about. The course director was engaging and an excellent speaker. The material covered was extensive and relevant. He created a collegial environment for discussions. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in cardiac CT.

Outstanding course. Very thorough and informative.

Excellent course. Went over complex anatomy, congenital, and acute aortic syndromes. Very pleased.

Dr. Bhasin is "the man." Wonderful course with practical and relevant information. Mark my words, this is an intense program. It's intense, but you will definitely be a lot smarter coming out of this program. I would definitely hands down no questions asked does it again. Best teaching in all of fellowship.

Excellent course

This course was ideal. Dr. Bhasin took the time to each me not only simple coronary CTA, but also complex congenital and aortic pathology. He was open, willing, understanding, and a very knowledgeable man. Also, he is down to earth and a good teacher. I loved the course.

Excellent course, very informative, collegial learning environment. Cases were at all level, leading from the basics to complex congenital and acute aortic syndromes.

Great Course. Dr. Bhasin is extremely well-trained in all aspects of cardiac CT and MRI. He is well versed in complicated as well as "bread and butter" cases and there is a great deal of interesting cases in his database. I would recommend this course to any cardiologist or radiologist interested in reading these images. It would also be beneficial to any cardiologist who is not interested in reading as it is a wonderful way to learn cardiac and thoracic anatomy.

excellent course. don't think you will come here and visit Norfolk. credit for 41.5 but put in 65-70 hours. course coordinator available 24/7. the most intense come I ever attended.

This course was helpful to get some understanding of the indications for Cardiac CT. Instructor was very knowledgeable. I wish we could get some more hands on training on interpretation of cardiac CT

Dr. Bhasin's course was by far the most enjoyable, comprehensive, educational experience I have attended. His dynamic teaching style and personality made the long days fly by. I feel that this course was hugely valuable not only for cardiac CT as an imaging modality alone but as a comprehensive clinical correlation with all areas of cardiology. Dr. Bhasin clearly loves his role as a teacher and a clinician. I will strongly recommend this course to other fellows and colleagues.

Phenomenal course. Dr. Bhasin gives us access to copious amounts of material, both normal and a variety of pathologies. He is a fantastic instructor clearly enthusiastic about the subject material, and it is especially a great course for fellows in training.

This was an incredible course. Dr. Bhasin is a true master of the topic and conveys his knowledge in an articulate fashion, making it easy for the participant to grasp the topic in depth. He has a remarkable ability to maintain the listener’s attention and interest. Both common and rare conditions are covered. All my colleagues who attended the course and I left highly inspired to learn more about cardiac imaging. The course also gives you ample freedom to explore the software and analyze images in order to become as adept as is reasonable in the given time frame. There is a very large collection of learning cases with correlative images in other modalities and clinical-pathologic correlations. I highly recommend this course to every fellow in training and every cardiologist who wishes to learn cardiac CT.

Dr. Bhasin does an excellent job in organizing his course and providing attendees with the perfect mix of supervision and reading time. I think his dedication to ensuring a high-quality experience is second-to-none. Additionally, his patience and ability to teach complex principles makes this an outstanding overall course.

Great course. Excellent hands on experience with acquisition and interpretation. Covers a wide range of cases with excellent clinical correlation. Dr. Bhasin is a superstar -- made the course very interesting and engaging. Highly recommended.

This is a great course. I took it as a fellow, and I learned more in one week than I had during any imaging rotation during fellowship. Dr. Bhasin is enthusiastic about the material, and the week is very intensive. I feel pretty comfortable navigating my way through a CT scan after this course.

This was an intensive course. Great training!

This was an excellent course. Dr Mohit Bhasin is very knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. The course was diverse, extensive, and I learned a lot.It has helped me a lot in my daily practice.

Excellent course. Very detailed. Availability of cardiac CT and cardiac cath films makes it an outstanding resource to learn coronary anatomy.

Great course, charismatic instructor, lots of hands on time with the workstations.

Dr.Bhasin's Cardiovascular CT Imaging course is one of the best courses in medicine that I ever took. By the end of the course, I felt comfortable processing as well as interpreting Cardiac CT cases. The live acquisitions were also very useful. Dr.Bhasin has collected a huge database of interesting cases that span the breadth of cardiac CT that you can go over. He is also extremely knowledgeable and also very approachable. The overall experience couldn't be better.

Really enjoyed the class. This was fantastic and helped me learn CT.

Excellent exposure and experience. Dr. Bhasin is an exceptional educator

Excellent course would highly recommend.

Absolutely fantastic course. Dr. Bhasin is a fantastic educator with tremendous energy and a desire to learn that is infectious. The course was very intense but the best I have ever been to. It should be a requirement for every fellow.

Dr. Bhasin is an exceptional instructor who was able to concisely teach the fundamentals of cardiac CT while reinforcing cardiac physiology and anatomy. This course taught me many aspects of Cardiology that I would not otherwise get in my fellowship training. I also gained confidence in my ability to read and interpret cardiac CT. I would attend this course again and highly recommend it to colleagues.

Great course!!! If only all academic fellowships were staffed with such enthusiastic teacher we all would come out better cardiologists and clinicians. I learned tremendous amount of CTA but most importantly it was not how to just stare at a screen, rather how to approach it in a systematic way (teach them how to fish).

Excellent course, very comprehensive. Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher, very dedicated. Takes so much interest to teach each and every one. Knowledge base is excellent. Learnt lots of things in 5 days that I could not learn in few months.

This is an awesome course... great learning experience. tons of cases that cover CAD, congenital heart disease, aortic disease & PVD. Would strongly recommend it to anybody remotely considering reading CTA.

Excellent teaching. After the course I have an in depth understanding of thoracic anatomy. Dr Bhasin taught congenital heart disease in a way which is easy to remember for a lifetime. I believe my practice of cardiology will be forever improved by attending this course.

Excellent course. Dr. Bhasin is a gifted educator and true master clinician. This was one of the best weeks of fellowship.

Amazing course! Interesting and very exciting! Learn a lot from it!

Mohit Bhasin's course on cardiovascular CT at Sentara Heart Hospital is the most educational week of cardiology fellowship I have had, and I am at a top 10 cardiology program. He provides incredible depth and breadth of practical experience mixed with brief, engaging didactics. I would recommend this course to anyone at any level of CT training to enhance their understanding and experience of CT.

exceptional didactics through case based learning which is invaluable. I gained improved knowledge of cardiac anatomy. Would recommend having this tutorial for any fellow.

This course was one of the highlights of my fellowship training. Dr. Bhasin manages to teach an incredible amount of information in such a short time. His dedication and knowledge are unmatched, and he manages to make the process very fun. Not only did I learn a tremendous amount about cardiac CT angiography, but I also learned a lot about the practice of medicine. Hands down, the best money I have spent on a training course or conference.

Dr. Bhasin is a gifted teacher. I learned a tremendous amount this week about cardiac CT, and plan to use this knowledge as a foundation to learn more and build it into my practice. I cannot recommend this course highly enough.

Most wonderful educational experience. Dr. Bhasin's style of teaching the complex topics was unprecedented for me. I learned so much not only about CCT but about cardiology in general. I felt very confident in my scanning and reading ability after this course. He covered all the pertinent topics in great and enjoyable detail. I certainly recommend it to all cardiology fellows probably not as late as third year like I did but perhaps end of first year.

Good course. Lots of material. Very hands on. Lots of practical knowledge. Instructor is very personable and affable. Great advice for the fellows in the group.

Great course. Dr Bhasin has put an outstanding course together. The trainee has the opportunity to learn everything from basic anatomy to complex congenital cases. The correlation and didactics covers A to Z of cardiovascular CT. I definitely recommend this course..

The Cardiac CT course(level 2) by Dr Bhasin is excellent for cardiology and radiology fellows alike. Since only a limited number of fellows are allowed, Dr Bhasin is able to provide one on one teaching and trouble-shooting over the 5 days the course is held. He is an excellent teacher and a wonderful human being. I would highly recommend this course to other fellows interested in achieving level 2 in Cardiac CT reading.

Excellent didactics with a great collection of cases. Well balanced course. Great learning experience.

The biggest thing for me was that the course greatly helped me understand cardiac anatomy better. It was a great learning experience. Dr. Bhasin was a great teacher, really dedicated to educate us. . The course helped fill in the

I was interested in cardiac imaging and decided to enroll for this course. These were the best 5 days of cardiac imaging teaching that I had. The days were long, extensive and exhausting at times but the quality of teaching was superior - if you are planning to bring your family, think again. I was weak in congenital heart diseases - I had a short term memory when it came to congenital. However, the way he explained the things made great sense - his lecture about the congenital was the best that I have attended. I would rate this course as 5+.

I would certainly attend this course without fail. I would suggest doing this course in first year of fellowship - really amazing anatomy concepts that are needs to be clarified which we would not study as a routine. If given an opportunity I would love to come back again for detailed course. I would recommend everyone to attend this course

Dr Bhasin is a great teacher. Good learning opportunity with diversity of pathology.

Excellent CT review course by Dr. Bhasin. The training was elaborate and well organized, with extensive didactics. We reviewed several CT cases with correlation with other modalities for diagnosis. There were a wide variety of teaching cases reviewed simultaneously with clinical correlations. The course was structured efficiently with good focus on clinical aspects and imaging techniques for Cardiac CT. Dr. Bhasin is a great teacher, the lectures are interesting and instructive, I would highly recommend this CT course.

Fantastic didactic sessions. Plenty of time allotted to mentored case review. Flexible and dynamic course format, adapted to the needs of the group of students. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their cardiac CT skills. Plan on long (>12 hour) days.



Fantastic training and education in CT and its application to the practice of medicine. Highly recommended, particularly for senior fellows.

This was an excellent course, absolutely phenomenal Dr. Bhasin is an excellent teacher and mentor and has a real passion for the field. The didactics are excellent, as is his case library. I would recommend this course without reservation.

Excellent course for the following reasons:1)Dr Bhasin provides individualized training experience which is excellent and very friendly for learning.2)Wide array of pathology available.3)Excellent quality of the equipment.4)Detailed didactic lectures that make you a better cardiologist. After finishing the course, I am confident about reading Cardiac CT scans independently. I strongly recommend this course and would take it again.

This was a fantastic course and extremely comprehensive with all aspects of cardiac imaging. The complex adult congenital imaging was extremely informative and presented in a way integrating multiple imaging modalities to understand this difficult to understand topic. I would highly recommend this course to anyone even if not considering a career in imaging.

The week was enjoyable and productive. Dr Bhasin is an outstanding teacher and his enthusiasm for teaching makes the course enjoyable to attend. His insights into life and medicine are extremely instructive as well. Among the best teachers I have had the pleasure to learn from. I can see why the reviews from this course are as high as they are.

This is the very comprehensive review of cardiac imaging ( it goes beyond Cardiac CT). During the week all attendees, who includes fellows and attending in practice, I talked to agreed that this is worth more than the time and money we invested. It is well organized and structured. Dr Bhasin is a passionate teacher who helps you understand complex cardiac disease in a very practical manner using cardiac CT imaging. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who is getting trained in cardiology, regardless of the subspecialty of choice.

The week long course is well organized into a comprehensive review of CCT from basic

Excellent course. Great didactics and Dr. Bhasin is phenomenal. You won't only learn CT but also important things in life for a fellow. This is a mini-board review not only for CT but in congenital, CAD and aortic diseases as well. It will teach you basic stuff that you should have learned in fellowship but you never understood well. It really made a big change in my educational experience. You really do not have to go to other expensive courses, this guy's teaching abilities, small group organization, individual work stations & teaching slides have no comparison to any other place I have been. Recommended 101%. Wish he could have more curses available.

I am third year fellow at Lehigh Valley Health Network - Allentown -I absolutely loved this course for the last five days- great teacher , motivator and very good clinician. He is genuinely interested in fellow’s education. I had come into the course with basically no experience and now feel confident to start reading independently under the supervision of my attending .Istrongly recommend this course and I can be reached at 3025889099 if anyone needs any further details on this course.

I took this course as a 3rd year Cardiology fellow with an interest in multi-modality imaging. I had minor CT experience at my home program prior to the course. Upon completion, I feel very comfortable with cardiovascular CT imaging and plan to take the CT boards and apply for credentialing. I would actually recommend taking this course earlier in fellowship if possible as it provides an excellent clinical and imaging background for all modalities of cardiovascular imaging which could then be built on during training. The course covered thoracic diagnostics including coronary CTA, aortic pathology, and congenital heart disease in depth and I feel prepared to read CT in my future practice. I would absolutely recommend this course not only as review for the CT boards and general cardiology boards but also as an excellent preparation for the practicality of reading cardiovascular CT.

During the week long course I felt that I was equipped with all the necessary tools to decode a complex matrix, thinking through datasets and moving forward to come to a diagnosis. Dr. Bhasin is a highly gifted teacher. Highly recommended course for all fellows even if you do not plan a career in cardiac CT. It will make you a better cardiologist!!!

I am a second year cardiology fellow. Dr Bhasin's course was remarkable for me to understand cardiovascular anatomy. Phenomenal to understand congenital heart disease. I personally think that Dr Mohit Bhasin is leading the way across the world in training cardiologists and radiologists alike in becoming excellent thoracic diagnosticians. I highly recommend this course especially if you are in your second year of cardiology fellowship as you can continue to practice reading during the rest of your fellowship and onward. Final word- Dr Bhasin is one the best teachers and cardiologist that anyone can come across anywhere in the world.

This was an excellent course and recommends it to all fellows looking for a comprehensive review of cardiac CT. The course was engaging and informative at the same time. Dr. Bhasin's depth of knowledge and personality, along with the breath of case complexity makes this course a

Fantastic course! Dr. Bhasin is amazing! This course is a must for anyone looking to advance their knowledge of cardiac CT. I wish I had taken it sooner!

The course provided in depth coverage of CT didactics in very interactive setting, as well as hands on experience. There was a strong emphasis on clinical correlation, along with intermodality imaging. Dr. Bhasin's charismatic teaching style, and undying enthusiasm for cardiac imaging (as it pertains to his patients) would turn you into a thoracic diagnostician whether you were planning on becoming one or not. Excellent course for cardiology fellows and attending cardiologists alike.

One of the best courses in CT , I have the chance to learn for the first time how to interpret simple and complex pathologies as a thoracic diagnostician including coronaries, aortic pathologies , PE , complex congenital , grafts , with multiple examples and pictures., as well as technical - day to day tips on CT/MRI without going in depth of complex physics that scare most of us -non radiologist. I feel much more comfortable to read and interpret any CT /MRI in systematic way. Dr.Bhasin tackled very complex topics in a simplified way ,yet in depth. For the first time , I can say that I understand Fontan , BT, Glen shunt, etc. and definitely showing us multiple examples of it in 3 D made it easy to understand. Dr.Bhasin is one of the best instructor in clinical cardiology that I have met since medical school 9 yrs. ago, opened my eyes on real life as cardiologist, excellent talk life after fellowship. I highly recommend this course.

Dr. Bhasin's course was excellent. I am a cardiovascular medicine at a premiere institute and came in with two months of training, but feel that I learned much more practical and superb information at Dr. Bhasin's course. He is an excellent instructor and teaches technical skill and ties this into imaging interpretation/clinical assessments. He made us work hard but it was well worth the learning.

Excellent course for cardiology fellows. Would recommend it for everyone who wants to be CT cardiologist.

Excellent course for cardiac CT. Dr. Bhasin is an exemplary and brilliant educator who will work tirelessly in order to teach you what you need to know. This is a very friendly and facilitative atmosphere in which to learn.

Great course with emphasis on CT through a diverse case mix involving clinical context and scenario. The clinical context makes you appreciate the diagnostic imaging in management.

This was a dynamic, engaging course in cardiac CT. Dr. Bhasin is a first-rate teacher, imager and clinician. The course material was well organized, presented clearly. and easy to absorb, and Dr. Bhasin was just about as good a speaker and teacher as one could imagine. He taught cardiovascular CT imaging at the highest level easily wove in clinical cardiology and serious wisdom into this course. I recommend this course whole-heartedly to anyone in the field of cardiovascular medicine.

Excellent course, Dr. Bhasin was a very engaging teacher who made a difficult course material thoroughly enjoyable. The hands-on teaching was very informative, and there was a wide variety of teaching courses demonstrated.

Excellent course,. It covers everything from basics of using CT reading software and artifacts to super complex congenital heart disease cases. I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is planning to read cardiac CTs or even general cardiology fellows to broaden their knowledge and become better cardiologists!!!

Dr. Bhasin by far is one the best teachers for comprehensive thoracic and cardiac imaging. His wealth of knowledge, case base teaching with clinical correlations allows for an in-depth understanding of the anatomy and physiology. He also does an outstanding Job in explaining cardiac CT physics, image acquisition and software mastery. Overall an amazing experience, and would highly recommend it to anyone physician.

Dr. Bhasin is a fantastic teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience. His mentorship is a world-class opportunity and will provide me with not only core foundations for interpreting and analyzing Cardiac CT, but advanced techniques that will allow me to provide phenomenal patient care. I highly recommend, and already have to fellow colleagues, residents and fellows, to take his course. Over just one week I have become more competent and confident with CT imaging evaluation of the heart and plan to continue to implement/share his clinical and business acumen. Nothing much high regards and great respect for Dr. Bhasin.

This course is amazing! Dr. Bhasin is an outstanding teacher. His is an engaging speaker and his explanations of CT image acquisition, CT physics, cardiovascular anatomy and cardiovascular physiology are phenomenal. Plus, the clinical correlations he provides are fantastic. At the end of the course you feel like you've received 6months of fellowship training. I definitely plan on recommending this course to all of my colleagues.

Over the past 10 years, going through hundreds of lectures and talks, I find Dr Bhasin one of the best talkers I have encountered if not the best. The course started with the most basic CT software skills and was built up to include complicated congenital cardiac cases. We got great talks on aortic disease, congenital heart disease, pulmonary embolism, coronary heart disease and, believe it or not, medical economics. A great course and would recommend it to every cardiologist/cardiology fellow and radiologist.

Dr. Bhasin has established a comprehensive Cardiac CT imaging certification course. He has great enthusiasm for teaching and the course is extremely thorough. The hours are intense, but well worth the time to becoming a capable CT imager of the heart. I highly recommend this course. Furthermore, I definitely recommend taking this course prior to echo or ABIM CV boards, as he does an excellent job breaking down the

This is an excellent advanced imaging course. It is well thought out and developed. The teaching cases are excellent as well as the lectures. I highly recommend this course to any physician/cardiologist looking further their education in advanced imaging.

This is a fantastic course!! Not only as a cardiac CT course, but also very helpful in understanding and correlate with other imaging modalities and clinical conditions. The aortiopathy and congenital heart disease part is the best training session I have ever attended.

Dr. Bhasin was a terrific lecturer. He was engaging, intelligent, interactive and practical. His approach to assessing the vascular anatomy and variants/anomalies, imaging pitfalls, and how to manage on-the-fence open surgery vs. cathsituations were pragmatic, structured and very useful for the young cardiology attending/fellow/resident. This course is highly recommended and well worth the time and expense.

Just want to add to my previous comment. I can see an innovative model of providing advanced cardiac imaging service by attending this cardiac CT course, which is a model of incorporating different imaging modality with clinical diagnosis and management, and striving for the best outcome of patients.

On the scale of 1 to 5, and 5 being the best, that’s the rating this cardiac course deserves!! I had a lot of fun learning cardiac CT technique, and protocols from Dr. Bhasin. He is a great teacher and he loves to teach. The days go by very quickly when he is teaching, because you are just having so much fun learning from him. You will definitely take away tons of great points from this course that you can use both as a future cardiologist or radiologist. Tons of tips and advice on how to be a good doctor and a person in general, is a bonus! You must take this course once in your life!!! Highly recommended.

Best training experience I have ever head in ten years of practicing tertiary cardiology. Bhasin has put Sentara Heart on the national map as the place to train. I can't say enough about how much I learned in 5 days. He is a thoracic diagnostician in multiple modalities, with broad differential diagnoses swimming around in his head incorporating everything from acute aortic syndrome diagnosis and management (he runs a clinic for aortic diseases with referrals from all over the region), VTE, congenital disease, lung parenchymal disease, pericardial disease, etc. This course, and the teacher, shows us the primary function of hospitals - to precisely determine what is wrong within the thorax then treat to improve the patient’s outcome. He makes it easy to see how this determines loss, utilization, unnecessary testing, patient satisfaction scores, in a nutshell, value based healthcare. Bhasin is a modern day William Osler who shows the importance of physician's accessibility, affability, and bedside manner. After the long plane ride home I thought hard about what he taught me, besides clinical medicine. He taught me what it means to be a great teacher. Teaching is hard work and some teachers never grow to be anything better than mediocre. They do the bare minimum required.. Great teachers, however, work tirelessly to create a challenging, nurturing environment for their students. Great teaching seems to have less to do with our knowledge and skills than with our attitude toward students, our subject, and our work. A great teacher respects students. In a great teacher’s classroom, each person’s ideas and opinions are valued. A great teacher creates a sense of community and belonging. A great teacher is warm, accessible, enthusiastic and caring. This person is approachable, not only to students, but to everyone we encountered. Great teachers possess good listening skills and take time out of their way-too-busy schedules for anyone who needs them, as we saw over five days. If this teacher is having a bad day, no one ever knew it. A great teacher sets high expectations for all students. This teacher realizes that the expectations he has for his students greatly affect their achievement; he knows that students generally give to teachers as much or as little as is expected of them. A great teacher has his own love of learning and inspires students with his passion for education and for the course material. He constantly renews himself as a professional on his quest to provide students with the highest quality of education possible. This teacher has no fear of learning new teaching strategies or incorporating new technologies into lessons, and always seems to be the one who is willing to share what he’s learned with colleagues. A great teacher can “shift-gears” and is flexible when a lesson isn’t working. This teacher assesses his teaching throughout the lessons and finds new ways to present material to make sure that every student understands the key concepts. A great teacher maintains professionalism in all areas—from personal appearance to organizational skills and preparedness for each day. While teaching is a gift that seems to come quite naturally for some, others have to work overtime to achieve great teacher status. Yet the payoff is enormous. I highly recommend this course for all the reasons I have outlined. Mentors are rare in the current state of healthcare and academics in particular. I can see why trainees have come from as far as Australia, Jakarta, Singapore, Riyadh, etc. I would not have missed this opportunity to train with Bhasin for the world, as other reviewers have noted over the last 6 years.




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