Cardiac CTA Live (50 Cases)
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Cardiac CTA Live (50 Live Cases)


Excellent course. The enthusiasm and spirit of the two instructors are the main reasons of success.

It’s an excellent course.

Excellent course with a nice group size. The group comprised beginner, novice and advanced radiologists and cardiologists. Individualized attention was given for level of experience for each participant. The course is cost effective.

Very helpful course informative course.

Great course

excellent course

1. For coronary diseases, I think the findings should be more correlation with Cath angiography findings.2. 4 days for the course, I think it is not enough, I think instead of intensive course, little bit more extra days extension will be better.3. I think if they add session regarding pitfalls, it will be better.4. I like the way of presentation with fine details even for that normal exam. 5. Great thankful for Dr. Bies & Dr. newton for their big effort.

Very helpful course The way of Dr Bies and Dr Newton was very good in presentation and managing the course Very nice to me to meet you both I wish to have another courses .Thank you all.

very informative , well experienced course director , well organized

Excellent course with >25 live cases that allow live witnessing of technical aspects.

Excellent course with great online program.

This course was small with great interaction with the instructors. The live cases were excellent and a good variety. The instruction on the mechanics of performing a scan utilizing low radiation protocols was very informative. I would recommend this course highly.

This is a fantastic course which incorporates live patients and clinical practice into the CTA learning experience. You will learn how to adapt scanning protocols to optimize quality and reduce radiation and contrast. The lectures and reading pathways instill confidence that you can go home and use this technology as an independent practitioner. I highly recommend this course.

Informative and efficient course for maintenance of certification requirements. For professionals with prior experience in Cardiac CTA needing a refresher course or enhancer, this is the way to go. Dr. Biers and Newton were very helpful and gave great care to make sure that the attendees got the help they needed and were satisfied with the experience. In addition to this and also very important, the course is not exorbitantly expensive and scheduled to make it easy for busy physicians to attend. I wish I had at least a half day longer for the course. I recommend it highly.

Attendees like the individual work stations and live cases experience. The course is paced to simulate a real life work experience and optimizes the opportunities for interactive learning.

I found this course to be very rewarding and informative. It was extremely helpful in furthering my ability to perform and interpret Cardiac CTA. It was also extremely economical for what was received. I recommend it most highly.

This is an excellent course that gives you a lot of hands on technique and teaches you what it is like to do CTA in the real world every day. It was fun to watch the live cases and see how they handle difficult cases that we all see every day. Roger and Carter are extremely talented teachers and they both have tremendous patience with teaching you how to use the computer.

Very good and complete course for the beginner and intermediate level participant.



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