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The UK Royal College of Physicians, the Royal College of Radiologists, and the British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging has jointly published a CTCA Standards document.


Upcoming Events:

State of the Art Cardiovascular CT 2016: BSCI/SCCT Joint Meeting 2016

December 12, 2016
Royal Society of Medicine, London, UK

This meeting aims to give delegates insight into the current and future developments in cardiovascular CT. Speakers include Professor Stephen Achenbach, Professor Pamela Douglas, Professor David Newby, Professor Nick Curzen, Dr Giorgia Bosi, Dr Jonathan Leipsic, Dr James Shambrook, Dr Giles Roditi, Dr Szilard Voros and Wing Commander Ed Nicol.

 The meeting objectives include understanding:

  • Current innovative practice in cardiovascular CT including what PROMISE and SCOT-HEART mean for clinical practice
  • What future innovations may appear and how they may affect patient care 
  • The challenges of getting innovation into clinical practice 
  • Where the UK fits into the global innovation and best practice field in cardiovascular CT

Click here to learn more!

The biannual BSCCT/SCCT meeting took place on December 17, 2014 at the Royal Society of Medicine, London. There were over 120 delegates in attendance.


UK IRC at SCCT2017!

Throughout the meeting you will have many opportunities to see the new and exciting initiatives, science, and research from the United Kingdom International Regional Committee (IRC). This will include influential UK CT research such as SCOTHEART presented by Professor David Newby, National initiatives on CT dose reduction and the new NICE Guidelines that recommend CTCA as the first line investigation for all those with stable chest pain. Click here to learn more and look for this symbol in SCCT2017 content.


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