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Vision Statement

SCCT is the international professional society representing physicians, scientists and technologists advocating for research, education and clinical excellence in the use of cardiovascular computed tomography.

Mission Statement

The Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography is a professional medical membership organization that addresses all issues pertaining to the field of cardiovascular computed tomography. The mission of SCCT will be to:

  • Foster optimal clinical effectiveness of cardiovascular CT through professional education, establishment of standards for quality assurance and professional training, and development of evidence-based guidelines for its use to enhance patient care and improve the quality of cardiovascular medical practice

  • Ensure state-of-the-art application of cardiovascular CT through training and accreditation

  • Support coordinated research efforts to promote further development and applications of cardiovascular CT, and to investigate accuracy, effectiveness, and cost-effectiveness in cardiovascular diagnosis

  • Serve as an advocate for cardiovascular CT in all interactions with the health care industry, medical policy development and reimbursement organizations

  • Cultivate close working relationships with other related societies.



  1. To build a strong national and international membership body of physicians, scientists, technologists, administrators and other individuals with interest in clinical applications or research in cardiovascular CT.

  2. To develop evidence-based standards, guidelines, and recommendations relative to the clinical utilization of cardiovascular CT.

  3. To work to assure that all payors recognize the value of cardiovascular CT to the extent that fair technical and professional reimbursement is provided, based on acceptable clinical indications for the appropriate use of the procedure.

  4. To develop relevant member services, resources and assistance to enhance the development of the field of cardiovascular CT.

  5. To provide members and other health care professionals Continuing Medical Education opportunities in cardiovascular CT.

  6. To develop guidelines and criteria for training and certification of individuals and accreditation of sites performing cardiovascular CT.

  7. To advocate proactively for the appropriate use of cardiovascular CT, making certain that professionals who meet training and certification guidelines have equal opportunities in the delivery of these diagnostic procedures and that these procedures will be reimbursed adequately and appropriately.

  8. To foster continuing research in the field of cardiovascular CT.

  9. To provide a forum, in cooperation with other societies, for the discussion of issues pertaining to the field of cardiovascular CT.

  10. To provide an organizational structure for implementation of the goals of SCCT.




415 Church St. NE, Suite 204
Vienna, VA 22180-4751