Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum: Reviews
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Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum: The Total Experience


An excellent training course very focused, interactive and valuable for learners at all training levels, even for the ones without any prior imaging experience.

Great overview for cardiac CT, with a good mix of didactics, case assessments and live cases. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Hees were very accessible and accommodating throughout the course.

Excellent. By far the best course I have attended. 5 days of non stop learning.

Excellent course Highly recommend Good didactics and review of cases Small class size Comprehensive review Helps prepare you to read independently

An excellent overview of the essentials of cardiac CT. Helpful lecture are accompanied by hands-on practice with the CT software covering several cases of diverse pathology.

Excellent experience. Very thorough and great cases to go through.

I immensely enjoyed the course along with Dr. Ed Shapiro, Dr Paul Hees and additional colleagues. It is evident he clearly enjoys teaching the course and the institutions rich history. It is a must experience course.

Excellent program. Would definitely recommend to my co-fellows and colleagues

Excellent training course for all cardiovascular trainees.


Excellent course with great cases

This course is excellent. Perfect balance between practice and theory

This was an amazing course for someone like myself in a very busy interventional practice. It was very comprehensive and I feel very comfortable in reading coronary arteriography and Ct angio due to very comprehensive teaching session. The case samples were very good and Dr Shapiro and rest of the team are simply amazing teachers who clearly enjoy what they do. Highly recommend this course to any one who may be interested in starting a program of their own or even improve their skills

One of the best courses I have attended over my career spanning 22 years and counting. Amazing staff, well organized, excellent computer facilities, very knowledgeable speakers and of course excellent variety of cases.

Exceptional course. Lecturers doing an amazing job covering large amount of cardiac pathology with imaging that makes it easier to internalize the anatomy and disease. Essentially was like exceptional general cardiology review course. Dr Shapiro is an exceptional story teller and teacher and makes learning very easy for something that initially appeared intimidating. Will recommend to my other colleagues.

Excellent and comprehensive course covering all aspects of cardiac CT. Passionate and expert faculty with a wealth of experience coupled with an enthusiasm and eagerness to teach. Excellent background to Baltimore and the history of the Johns Hopkins institution which I particularly valued as an international attendee.

Fundamentally solid course. Integrated with lectures and case based discussions. Left in one week learning more than I had from sitting and reading cardiac CT for 6 weeks. Feel equipped with tools to further develop skills needed to accurately and confidently read cardiac CT.

Best CT course. Extremely knowledgeable faculty with a wide variety of cases. Very hands on.

Fantastic course. great cases. well organized. fun. great value. fantastic lectures. Very friendly teachers who teach in a welcoming environment.

Excellent and comprehensive course

Fantastic course. Great educational experience involving the introduction to physics of CT and reviewing interesting and common cases of cardiac CT.

Great course.

Radiologist Perspective Getting more of a cardiologist perspective (staff are all cardiologists, but did have 1 radiologist guest lecturer) was very helpful. Dr. Shapiro and Bush do the majority of the teaching and are very knowledgeable, enthusiastic teachers that make the 10+ hour days bearable if not entertaining. I would not consider another course that is any shorter as all the time is needed and time was generally well spent with little down time. I would highly recommend the course. Limitations: Very limited coverage of congenital and shunt lesions. They do not do any prospective CTA here do to equipment limitations and so if you have that ability on your scanner, you may want to consider going else where to work with those that do use that technique.

Fantastic course. Individual work stations with mentored cases. Individualized instructions. Great didactic lectures and organization of course. Highly recommended.

Excellent course. Exceeds expectations.

Absolutely fabulous experience. Every minute of this course was useful. Every case reviewed from the most common to the rarest were very well done. Very well organized curriculum with excellent didactics. Good hands on training with individual workstation. Very friendly, approachable, personable staff. Excellent cath, echo correlation.

Very useful practical tips about workstation and comprehensive collection of illustrative cases.

Excellent course. Very complete format - excellent didactics as well as a myriad of CT cases to reinforce a particular topic. Good lunches too. Computers were fast and easy to navigate. Great instructors who are very approachable and interested in spreading the knowledge of cardiac CT

Excellent course. I would highly recommend it both for beginners and experienced cardiac CT practitioners. Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush are excellent teachers, providing key tips and tricks which clearly comes from their experience. Very Good venue and facilities.

It was a unique experience. Really good!!!

Excellent course well structured, excellent broad case series, fantastic lecturers and didactics and whole lot of fun doing it too. highly recommended.

This was an extremely informative and useful course in cardiac CT that included lecture series on cardiac CT as well as its non-cardiac uses, live exposure to cardiac CT being done at Johns Hopkins and hours of interactive cardiac CT interpretation with 2 cardiologists and 2 radiologists boarded in cardiac CT interpretation. The schedule was very well-timed with the right amount of training and lectures per day. The course instructors were very interested in teaching and had a lot of energy. I would highly recommend this course.

Excellent comprehensive course with lots of hands on experience with individual workstations as well as excellent interactive lectures. You really do see the number of cases advertised. All cases are of a superb quality. It was very useful to me as the vitrea workstation is what I use at my own hospital.

This course was excellent. The material was covered in a fun and well organized manner, combining a mix of didactic lectures along with over a hundred cases. I feel much stronger interpreting cardiac CT cases.

Fantastic introduction to cardiac CT! The week was intense but there was plenty of time to learn the fundamentals of cardiac imaging acquisition and interpretation with plenty of case studies. Didactics were given by prominent figures in the field and demonstrated the broad application of the technology. The case studies focused heavily on coronary disease, with somewhat limited exposure to other applications during out session however. Overall great course and I would recommend this to others interested in cardiac CT training.

Well done in all particulars. Just the right size. Faculty, facilities, and food all top notch. Would suggest to anyone of large or limited experience.

It's an excellent CTA course with great faculty and practice module. Lots of case collection/archived and excellent way to practice with clinical and cath correlation. We felt that we learned lot from this course for practice and board exam.

Excellent and very rewarding experience... Drs Bush and Shapiro have done a great job...

This course was excellent. Great practical skills can be achieved on this one week course.

Fantastic course! Excellent and knowledgeable instructors. Very well run course.

Excellent! Highly recommended for radiologists who have not working much with cardiologists. Most of the cases have cath or echo correlation. These are very valuable to radiologists.

Absolutely wonderful. Educational, interactive, interesting. The speakers are energetic, knowledgeable, and fun. The course is very professional and the delivery of the course is seamless. The content is high yield and very informative. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning more about cardiac CT.

Excellent and thorough reviews. The instructors were obviously knowledgeable and were all very enthusiastic to teach. Truly a total experience, with in-depth clinical and multi-modality correlation. Great for radiologists who want a bit more of the clinical perspective.

The course was fantastic. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are excellent educators. They took a topic that was complicated and vast, and through great course design and perfect pacing, I was able to grasp key concepts and in a matter of a day start feeling comfortable with the workstation, with cardiac anatomy on CT, and with interpretation. The rest of the course was spent increasing our knowledge base and reviewing cases.

This is an excellent overall course. I am in my last year of cardiology fellowship and I found this course extremely helpful. It is extremely well organized and the course directors Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are extremely knowledgeable, patient and have outstanding teaching skills. I would enthusiastically recommend this course to anyone.

An excellent and highly recommended course. (Comment from an UK cardiologist)

Very comprehensive course. As a radiologist in my final year of training I found the supervision by cardiologists an advantage to the course, even though some radiologists may not agree! This cardiology/ clinical contribution gave a lot of clinical perspective to the technique and focuses on the patient mainly rather than imaging only. The fellow rate was very attractive too. Some of the lectures were somewhat long; replacing them may be with more cases would have made the course perfect. This is the only course I have attended, but at the end of the course I feel that I am confident to start my own independent practice.


Excellent course. Give a big discount on course fees to fellows in training. Extremely friendly & intellectual faculty. Recommend this to everyone.

Excellent course. Practical approach. Good interaction with tech doing CT scans.

I didn’t have any experience of CTA in the past. Today I feel confident that I can read CTA. I think course was worth taking. You will enjoy too.

Excellent course with multitude of excellent cases and excellent workstation time very well monitored. Best course that I have taken in past 3 years. Hones skills very well for level 2-3 CT reading. Outstanding course directors and speakers with very relevant presentations.

I highly recommend this course. It was a comprehensive and thorough introduction to cardiac CT. The lecturers were very enthusiastic and the course directors were superb. It was very well organized with an excellent range of clinical CT pathology. This is absolutely the best way to quickly familiarize oneself in this field and to quickly acquire expertise in a comfortable learning environment with great facilities.

The course bank was very broad and applicable to learning this modality. I found that although teaching was of good quality, this course was geared more towards the needs of a cardiologist wishing to learn CCTA than a radiologist such as myself. Nevertheless, this was a worthwhile experience.

Overall, I felt that this course was excellent!! I had been to the ACCF/CCT Practicum in DC. The differences in the two courses were as follows for the same price: -Here at Hopkins, there was one person per station whereas at the ACC course, there were 2 people per workstation -The Hopkins course helped you meet Level II requirements whereas only level I requirements were met with the ACC course -There was a great amount of individual attention afforded to all the attendees here at the Hopkins course -Drs. Bush and Shapiro were EXCELLENT with the live cases. Overall, this course was truly amazing and I genuinely enjoyed the experience, despite the long days and rigor of the course!

This was one of the best courses I have ever attended, both at a professional and personal level. I did not expect to learn so much in 5 days in such a pleasant atmosphere. I especially enjoyed the combination of core lectures and hands-on workstation experience. All lecturers were excellent and extremely helpful in explaining the use of the workstations. I can highly recommend this course and will do so at my training program.

Excellent experience. Clinical correlation with the cases was emphasized and represented a very valuable dimension of the course. 1:1 workstation beneficial, as you had the opportunity to develop a particular thought without needing to negotiate with another. Essentially, they have created a very effective learning "bubble" with learning occurring in real time through visual, auditory, passive and active modalities throughout the weeklong course. Extra time (compared with other courses) allows you to really integrate the information in a way that would be very difficult otherwise.

Very good course. My only suggestion would be for more careful thematic grouping of cases reviewed on the first two days to better illustrate specific tools/strategies for using the image review workstation. Otherwise, my hats off to Drs. Bush and Shapiro for their level of energy, enthusiasm and support for attendees. That they do this course monthly is a testament to their commitment to the field.

Great course!

Excellent course. Great organization. Brilliant staff.

Excellent course. Prime organization and program.

Excellent Course, Complete 100 cases during week, 50 cases at home. Directors are excellent. Very complete and fun week.

Great course. Excellent cases and hands on practice. Faculty was suburb. A week full of learning with fun

Amazing course, great teachers and good cases to get you started on reading Cardiac CTs. Would highly recommend this course!

Excellent course. I would highly recommend it.

Excellent course

great course, highly recommend it. Many things included in the course with a strong clinically side to each case.

Excellent and intense course. Each individual with own vitrea workstation with focus on processing and interpreting over 100 cases over the 5 day period. Excellent lectures throughout the day.

Excellent tuition, focused tutors, wide variety of cases.

Great course, well run and coordinated with extremely helpful and knowledgeable staff/instructors. Highly recommended course. You leave the course feeling comfortable with a new set of clinical and diagnostic skills to help with providing state of the art patient care.

Well planned, thorough, plenty of educational material, good one-on-one interaction with the interface as well as the faculty.

This was an incredible experience! Wonderfully organized, amazing teaching, incredible cases to review. I learned more this week than I ever could have imagined. This course came extremely highly recommended, and I concur that this is likely the finest such course in the country.

Excellent review of Cardiac CT from the basics. I had no experience with Cardiac CT imaging prior to attending this course and I left with a considerable confidence regarding my ability to use this modality to diagnose a variety of cardiac pathology. It is very well organized, the curriculum is comprehensive and the fellows discount also helps a lot. My colleagues have taken this course and it was highly recommended to me. They teach on vitrea workstations so if your institution uses the same software it helps.

By far the most productive, educational and resourceful CTA course. Faculty was knowledgeable, professional and taught with passion. A well organized and resourced program that takes a novice from scratch to a level of manifest confidence in CTA.

Extremely comprehensive. Exceptional teachers. Very skilled to make complex concepts simple. Extremely organized. Fantastic cases of every conceivable pathology. Exceptional staff. Perfect learning environment. I have attended cardiology courses for since 1978, this was indeed by far the best ever.


I just finished the JHU Cardiac CT course. It is an excellent course with an exceptional faculty. It gave me the capacity to apply for the SCCT examination for certification in Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. The course is great, it covers very well the subjects related with the specialty and applied technology. I am very happy with the opportunity to visit the JHU Cardiac CT Section for the course.

Excellent course. Extremely useful.

Wonderful course, would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Cardiac CT Angiography!

Excellent course. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush did a wonderful job, excellent teachers, very friendly.

Excellent course, highly recommended by a colleague of mine who attended it and I really enjoyed the course. Diverse cases and excellent teaching.

Abundance of excellent case material, excellent teaching and hands on.

Excellent lectures, hands on training and a superb collection of cases. The speakers are just great with immense experience and the sessions are engaging and educational. Recommend strongly.

The CCT course offered by Hopkins is amazing! It gave me an absolutely great exposure and training to CCT angiography, CCS and Functional evaluations. I would strongly recommend this program to every cardiologists. faculty is excellent, very knowledgeable, and friendly. I felt very comfortable even though I was a first year fellow and learned a lot.

Excellent and thorough overview

Great cases and great image quality.

Excellent hands-on training with mix of didactic instruction.

Outstanding course, excellent teachers, very well organized and coordinated. Drs Bush and Shapiro really go out of their way.

Great course -- very comprehensive and a fantastic, well-organized presentation! Instructors were uniformly excellent. A wonderful experience!

Excellent Course. Learned so much in such little time due to amazing amount of repetition and consistency in the coursework. I definitely feel much more comfortable looking and reading at Cardiac CTs. Instructors are very friendly and interactive which makes the long hours of this course enjoyable.

Great course. Would highly recommend. Syllabus, course materials, and cases were excellent. Please note, workstation is Vitrea

I learnt a lot from the course. They started from scratch and went up in the level of information. The faculty are very friendly. They offer plenty of cases. The lectures are done by top notch staff. It is designed for every level.

Great course! Covers all the essential topics and has a broad range of cases. Lectures are given by experts in the field.

This is a highly recommended course :very informative, well organized with many hands-on cases

Superb course on all aspects of cardiac CT including hands on reading of multiple cases. Very intense 5 days - so be well rested before participating. It is worth it and highly recommendable.

Comprehensive, highly skilled, knowledgeable, personable faculty. Great food. Excellent dinner at aquarium

An excellent cardiac CT course and I learn many variety of cases here.

An extremely well run and established cardiac CT course with a focus on coronary findings. Excellent lectures from leading cardiac CT researchers.

Excellent course, which covers all the essentials in cardiac CT. Good mix of cases, practical scan techniques and post processing (work flow, tips and tricks). All cases were presented enthusiastically with clinical background and invasive angiographies in most cases.

very well planned, excellent and patient course directors with excellent case collection. I am glad that I attended this course

Excellent Experience! Dr.'s Shapiro and Bush present excellent patient cases and make the course both fun and educational. I came away very comfortable in evaluating and interpreting cardiac CT cases. Great coffee!

Excellent course instructors and a very detailed course, meeting all CT level 2 obligations and my goals of learning Ct cardiac. Dr. Bush, Dr. Hees, and Dr. Shapiro were very patient and helped us tremendously in the learning process.

+good course. nice cases and well illustrated incl correlation with cor angio very complete, covering all the topics - lack of new cases done with the latest machines There were no exams done with acquillion one or flash. quite expensive

A phenomenal course; the days were very long and intense yet extremely useful and necessary. To obtain level II training in 5 days is not an easy task but Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush truly have put together a course that fulfills this with a harmonious mix of didactics, hands-on experience, and interactive sessions that truly was invaluable. I highly recommend this course to all and look forward to returning for further advanced training!!!

Really excellent program. Great cases and great teachers who obviously love teaching. Excellent correlation of all cases with other imaging (cardiac cath etc.) as well as clinical findings. Really excellent IT setup with fast, reliable workstations. Excellent practical live cases with lots of tips on how to produce quality, reliable studies.

This is the best hands-on training course that I have been on. - Be warned, it's a 12 hour day at minimum though! The training was delivered with massive enthusiasm, with a great sense of humor, in a very relaxed learning atmosphere. Despite the huge expertise and pedigree of the trainers, they are very open and gracious. Contentious interaction is encouraged, and best practice discussed based on the latest evidence. This is an exceptional course and truly excellent- our 320 service has been given a great start!

Great course. I just finished my first year fellowship, and I found the course to be very useful.

If your goal is to become well -trained in cardiac CTA, then the JHU Cardiac CT Practicum: The Total Experience will provide everything you need to reach your goal. Operation of the workstations is thoroughly explained. The course faculty are experts in the field and conduct the course in a relaxed, good -humored atmosphere.

Well organized, engaging speakers, interesting cases. Highly recommended.

excellent course with tremendous teaching both via case files and teachers.

An excellent, though rigorous course

Excellent Course

this is a very comprehensive course. I feel confident I will be able to interpret CT cardiac cases back home. This is well worth the trouble of travelling half way around the world to attend this.

This was truly an excellent course. The teachers were extremely committed and took a great deal of interest. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in acquiring cardiac CT skills.

Excellent course and provided great hands-on experience with CTA. I would recommend this course to anybody seeking CTA Certification.

I am very impressed with the dedication of all the members that have put the course together. I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues. The course was very comprehensive with cath examples to supplement CT findings.

A well rounded course highlighting all technical and clinical aspects of cardiac CT. Drs Bush and Shapiro are excellent teachers and made this experience a memorable one.

Very well organized course with excellent coverage of CT angiography. Dr Shapiro and Bush are a great resource. Everyone was highly committed to teaching and ready to answer any question. 1:1 workstation (as was available) is a must.

This comprehensive course was very intense and accomplished in five days what it claims to do. Dr's Shapiro, Bush, and Hees were terrific and very knowledgeable, the tops in their fields obviously. I strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining valuable interpretative skills.

Excellent course, covering a lot of material with proficiency and without bias.

Superb course!!!

Excellent course. Perfect balance of lectures and case studies. Even without a cardiology or radiology background I found the course incredibly high yield!

Course is complete with good lectures covering all cardiac conditions, able to be read by CT exam, and to highlight the possibility of usage of workstations to see real cases.

Quite comprehensive and beneficial course

Great course. Although the days are long, they are structured very well with the right mix of didactic and hands on workstation experience. All the instructors are very friendly and approachable. You have access to a library of diverse and interesting cases, and virtually every case viewed during the course had appropriate clinical history available and cath/echo/nuclear correlation when appropriate. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning cardiac CT.

The ideal course for a beginner or even someone who has had some experience with CTA. This was definitely the "TOTAL" experience. Dr. Bush and Dr. Shapiro (including their staff) are excellent teachers and have a real passion for the field. Great variety of cases all set at the right pace. At the end of the course, I felt completely confident to start my own CTA practice.

Excellent course. Covering almost every aspect of cardiac CT. Strongly recommended for everyone working in the field.

Excellent training. It superbly combines practice in workshops with lectures. The best course I have ever taken. I would surely recommend it to everyone.

I found the course as complete experience for cardiac ct. I started from the scratch and got in depth knowledge of interpreting cardiac ct. The variety of cases is tremendous. I wish I had more time to spend with Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush.

Excellent course

Excellent instructive course with lots of hands-on instruction with the workstations.

Very practical hands-on course with excellent instructors

Absolutely fantastic course. The best educational week I have spent in many years. Very intensive, but always a return on the investment of time. Remarkable to see the change in understanding in such a short time. Great diversity of pathology, studies, techniques and indications.Recommended to anyone who wants to begin reading and understanding studies seriously. Thanks so much to Susie, the course organizer as well!

Excellent course. It is like a mini-fellowship which is very practice oriented. There is no company bias. It is highly recommended. The learning atmosphere is very friendly. It is the best course out in the market. The cases reviewed are the daily bread and butter of cardiology.

This an excellent hands-on course. I did not know how to use a workstation before this course and the course instructors were very patient with me, often having to work me through the techniques several times staying with me and checking on me to make sure I got the technique down. I couldn't ask for more. The instructors were excellent, experienced and patient. The instructor to student ratio was great. I worked on my own workstation so that I could get the hands-on experience that I lacked. I recommend it highly.

I attended the 2 day refresher course after taking the initial course in December. Like the initial course, the refresher was fast-paced, interesting, and superbly taught. I would highly recommend this course.

Outstanding course. Thank you for time investment into putting this course together.

Just attended 2 days John Hopkins Cardiac Review course (sep 5th and 6th). It was great!

excellent course with great faculty Dr. Bush and Shapiro are excellent teacher and go out of their way to teach you cardiac CT

Excellent course. The talks correlate very well with the practical reading experience.

One of the best courses I have taken. Excellent presentations from multiple experts mixed with CTA case reviews. Every student has a separate workstation for hands-on training, with individual help from instructors. Similarly, the logistics were worked out well, with food and transportation arranged. I have not taken any other CT courses but I cannot imagine a better one. Feel free to email me with further questions.

This was the finest educational experience I have had since I completed my cardiology fellowship. The emphasis is on teaching of competence in the fullest sense including principles of the discipline, supervision of performance of studies including patient safety issues, workstation skills for review of studies, as well as interpretation of coronary and non-coronary findings.

Excellent, comprehensive course for all levels of CTA knowledge. Many CTA cases with cath correlates and individual workstations. Instructors are experts in the field and overall great learning experience. Highly recommended.

The John Hopkins Cardiac CT course was excellent. The course is educational and intense. The directors of the course were friendly and well versed in the literature. I enjoyed the course and all the objective of the ACC were met. I truly feel honored to have participated in the course and feel I have a great foundation to build upon in the field of cardiac CT.

Best course I ever attended in 25 years! In 1 week they were able to give us the details necessary to perform the cardiac CT procedure and expose us to just about every pathology we could come across in clinical practice.

Highly academic, comprehensive course on all clinically-relevant applications of cardiac CT. Hands-on training starts from the very basic concepts and appropriately progresses to advanced functions, ensuring acquisition of high-level skills and knowledge. Incorporates evidence-based didactic sessions. This is a highly-reputable course with no industry or vendor-related involvement.

This outstanding course provides an excellent overview of cardiac CT in a concise, efficient manner. The elements of cardiac CT are covered in didactic sessions and reinforced through cases.

Overall great course. Many well selected cases. Great overview with excellent lectures and faculty.

This is an absolutely phenomenal course. I HIGHLY recommend it. Fantastic overview of cardiac CT with superb hands on training!

By far the best, intensive cardiac CTA course available. The professors, staff and cases are all outstanding. I'd recommend this course highly with no reservations.

Very good with lots of hands-on review of CT images on a workstation for each attendee.

The course was easily one of the best educational experiences I've had in any medical training forum. Both Drs. Shapiro and Bush are outstanding teachers who seem to exude both enthusiasm and erudition. I couldn't have asked for a better course.

Very useful and informative course; excellent cases.

excellent course excellent teachers excellent facility excellent case examples

Excellent course! The instructors were very knowledgeable and patient.

Fabulous course, lots of hands-on experience with reading cardiac CTs, very interactive, great lectures.

Good course

outstanding course. highly recommended

Excellent, well organized course. Highly recommended.

Excellent course. The organization is perfect, taking a novice through baby steps to an expert reader by day 4. Its is a testament to the teaching capabilities and hard work of the whole team. This is definitely "the course" to learn cardiac CT.

This has been a comprehensive and interactive course. You are able to note your progress as the week goes on. Dr Shapiro and Bush are not only excellent teachers but they make the process interesting and hold your attention for the long hours of the course. Highly recommended

THE BEST training course I've ever attended.

The Johns Hopkins CCT Practicum is a truly outstanding educational experience. During the week long program, participants are exposed to a well organized curriculum that includes lectures and cases. The faculty are the best in the field and are truly outstanding teachers. I would highly recommend this course.

Excellent course that was well organized, well taught and very helpful. Good balance of hands on experience and lectures from varied perspectives. Taught wide range from the basics to the state of the art. Very helpful instructors. Additionally...the city was beautiful and very entertaining for my family.

intense and grueling, but overwhelmingly worthwhile. instructive and informative, by knowledgeable, collegial faculty who get everything in and make one able to be an interpreter, as well as a performer, or CTA of the coronary arteries and cardiac and vascular structures. nice people, well organized, and all-inclusive in a fairly relaxed mode. good facilities.

One the best educational experiences on the globe. This is a must for anyone wanting a comprehensive review under the tutelage of a superb dedicated team of instructors. Dr Ed Shapiro, David Bush and Paul Hess and Team represent a team of outstanding instructors who are world class.

The course provided an excellent overview of cardiac CTA. The case review cover a very broad range of disease states... The instructors were excellent.

Most incredible learning experience since cardiology fellowship. Excellent instructors. Optimal small classroom learning environment. Highly recommend for invasive and noninvasive docs, whether you plan to use CTA or not!!!!

An excellent course in every way. I came to gain the skills and confidence to set up a new CCT service and I am going home fully capable of doing so. I would recommend it to anyone.

This is an excellent, thorough and well-organized course, with outstanding lectures and hands-on experience at an individual workstation. There are a plethora of cases to review and by the end of the week one feels very comfortable reviewing images in a systematic fashion.

Excellent course with great theoretical lectures and very interesting clinical cases. Strongly recommended.

The course was excellent! Great integration of lectures and cases. Exceptional lecturers who loves teaching. Many practical cases as well as many many rare cases. The course is very intense and worth ever minute of it.

Quality instruction of didactic lectures by excellent instructors: knowledgeable, educators who understand how to lecture. Lectures are reinforced by subsequent related cases - plenty of cases. Full attention by top notch instructors.Excellent pace. Additional lectures by world-class experts discussing what's on the horizon. Feel confident developing a CCT program.

This was an excellent course. The week was intensive with a series of very good talks interspersed by hands on workstation experience of over 100 CT cases. The faculty were interesting, expert and welcoming and the whole experience both enjoyable and very educational. I would be happy to recommend this course to any cardiologist or radiologist planning to practice or beginning to practice cardiac CT.

Well structured lectures with knowledgeable faculty, good mix of cases with diverse and extremely interesting pathology. Quite entertaining too.

This course was extremely well put together. The breadth of exposure to this discipline was robust and the individualized instruction was unparalleled. I would strongly recommend that every healthcare provider take this course.

The best learning experience I have ever had in my lifetime Excellent teaching and interaction.

Very comprehensive course. Good didactic teaching and wide variety of cases. Good instructor to student ratio. Knowledgeable and friendly teachers. Highly recommended.

This course is fabulous. The staff are great and the teachers are very dedicated for teaching. It is a great balance of didactics and hands-on experience. I would highly recommend this to others.


Great course. Highly recommend

Great Course! excellent training for reading cardiac CT!

The best class for CT anywhere. Very organized, unbiased, well presented.

Very good reviewers, excellent reception. Would probably want more cases but overall, this is an excellent course.

Excellent course. Very well organized and thorough. Easy learning environment. Very interesting cases.

Great course. Wonderful demonstration of the basic and advanced tools used in interpretation of CT. Wonderful teachers. I have attended other courses before and this by far is the best. Great job

Excellent comprehensive cardiac CT course. After taking this course, I feel very comfortable interpreting a multitude of cases ranging from the basic to the very complex.

Excellent. If every field of Cardiology is taught in this manner, we'll have an even better group of physicians around! Highly recommend to everyone. Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Bush and team are simply great.

Provided comprehensive training both through didactics and hands on training with a CT workstation in Cardiac CT.

Excellent course, outstanding venue and teachers. Very good case collection. They walk you through step by step with corresponding cases for each step. Set of very interesting cases. Highly recommended!

the course is very excellent and I hope to get to this course again as a review before the boards. to accommodate more international Mds, a reduced rate maybe appropriate. thank you, Dr. Bush and Dr. Shapiro.

Excellent course. Clinical vignettes provided with each and every case increased my curiosity of trying to find the diagnosis myself. Very well organized. Will recommend the course without any hesitation. Dr Shapiro and Dr. Bush were very informative and they love to teach.

It is a wonderful course. Hope can also offer level-3 training for us

1. Organized 2. Large database of cases 3. Knowledgeable course directors 4. Excellent hand-on experience 5. Balanced in terms of delineating the appropriateness for cardiac CT

Great course. Excellent life, and computer cases with cath and other imaging including echo and MRI correlation. Highly recommend to anyone interested in CT

This course was fantastic - very thorough and educational. Definitely worth the time, and would highly recommend to my co-fellows.

I truly enjoyed my experience at the JH CCT Course. The instructors seemed very interested in educating us and made the learning process fun. I will be recommending this course to my other cardiology fellows.

Excellent program. Great teaching. Excellent set of cases.

Excellent course!

Excellent course with energetic faculty who present a wide variety of cases. The course demonstrates a variety of practical techniques with development of hands on skills. It demonstrates how Cardiac CT skills can complement other cardiologist's skills and how Cardiac CT skills can also offer important incremental benefits in patient management.

The course at John Hopkins was excellent. The organizers are very friendly, make sure we are comfortable. The course directors Dr Edward Shapiro and Dr David Bush are excellent teachers. We have an opportunity for hands on training with our individual work stations. Additionally the attendees are at various levels of their training and some practicing cardiologists. The course directors make sure that we are not intimidated and encourage us at every step. Over all a wonderful experience. It also is a great opportunity to meet fellows form other training programs.

This is a comprehensive course that provides a sound basis from which a physician will be able to launch his career in Cardiac CT. It is well organized and has equipped me with the necessary tools for success. A big thank you to Drs. Bush and Shaprio along with the others who participated in this exceptional educational experience.

Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are not only experts in the field; they are also dedicated and entertaining teachers. The course is more informative than any I have previously attended, and far more enjoyable. As a physician with a moderate degree of experience in the field already, I can say without hesitation that this "introductory" course is also of tremendous benefit to individuals with any degree of experience in the field, from beginner to expert. Including detailed live and remote acquisitions, individual workstations, cath and echo correlations and a truly enjoyable and collegial atmosphere, it is hard to imagine a better use of CME time for anyone interested in the field of cardiac CT.

This course is a full 5 Day comprehensive course for Cardiac CT. Topics covered include clinical indications including appropriateness criteria, CT physics, radiation, contrast, scanning, and review of over 100 cases (with detailed teaching on how to use Vitrea software for manipulating images). In addition to coronary imaging, the course reviews bypass grafts and stents, EP indications including ARVD cases, and congenital cases and much more. All cases are provided with detailed history and echo/cath correlation. The teachers/lecturers are very thorough, answer all questions, and very nice to work with. In addition, shuttle from hotel to the campus, breakfast, and lunch are provided every day with a special dinner one night. A large binder with educational material, DVD and 3 mo remote access to cases is offered after the course. The course is truly the total experience from beginning to end and is highly recommended.

I am a Brazilian Radiologist, doing Cardiac CT since 2006. This is the 3rd international course that I do, and would like to express that was the best one. The whole week discussion, with clinical and images correlations and patients follow up. Very nice course for CME, also with a medical background history from Hopkins.

The training course was an amazing experience. The title of the course says it all... "The Total Experience". Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush did an exemplary job in getting us through 150 representative cases of cardiovascular CT. They are both fantastic teachers; efficient and thorough. They were available to answer questions at all time... not to mention their hospitality, kindness, great sense of humor and more... Long days of the course passed by like a breeze... I highly recommend this course to all cardiology fellows, practicing cardiologists and radiologists interested in non-invasive imaging.

Outstanding course. Directors were terrific. Organized superbly. Learned a great deal

Great training course! All lectures were well organized and interesting. Hands-on training was excellent. The course provided an extraordinary amount of information in a short time. Would recommend to anyone.

great course, exposure to greatly experienced teachers!

Absolutely fabulous course. Extremely high yield, comprehensive course.

Excellent course: great didactic content, great teachers, great cases. Highly recommend it to everyone. impeccably organized.

This was an outstanding experience Excellent lectures Excellent cases and wonderful faculty

Excellent course. Great exposure to Cardiac CT cases for cardiology fellows. Very well organized.

Wonderful course. Dr's Shapiro and Bush did an outstanding job in explaining cardiac CT from the beginning, physics, instrumentation, and interpretation of the simple and complicated cases, both coronary and no coronary. The correlation with catheterization and other complementary imaging techniques was very instructive. Probably the best course available.

That was amazing course. I love it.

Wonderful course. I learned a lot and it will change my practice and help my patients.

I very much enjoyed the course. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are pioneers in this field and for a full week you have the opportunity to discuss CCT with them. They spend plenty of time with you after hours as well which is also very helpful. A+.

This course is outstanding and the course directors take it very seriously while maintaining humor and a very pleasant learning environment. The syllabus is thoughtful, the lectures educational, the cases appropriate and informative. It is the single most high yield week of education in all of cardiology fellowship.

It was a great experience for me. All the program is well prepared. Most of all, I deeply appreciate Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush's effort.

Having attended another course, I fully appreciate the Excellent organization, extremely well organized and delivered didactic information, and was amazed and kept engrossed by the stunning variety and quality of cases. I feel well prepared for interpreting CCTA studies, and thoroughly enjoyed the course. The instructors really enjoy teaching and have the process down to a very efficient, but enjoyable process. My thanks to them.

This is a superb course. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in cardiac CT training. The best CME course I have been to in 20+ years of attending these.

Excellent Course! Great Cases - Superb didactic and teaching skills

Great course and excellent teachers. Highly recommendable even if you have limited experience with Cardiac CT

Excellent/Great CT course. I would say "The Total CT Experience". Excellent Teachers, and superb Interactive work stations and support through out Training. Would highly recommend to anyone who is interesting to learn CT from beginner level up to an independent Interpreter.

This is an excellent cardiac CT course that I would recommend anybody who is interested in learning Cardiac CTA. The course is well organized, and loaded with excellent lectures and lots of hands on experience.

Excellent Faculty. Excellent interactive sessions. Excellent learning. Great Fun

Excellent refresher course. Drs. Shapiro and Bush were informative and entertaining

The refresher course is great, too. very structured, great variety of courses. A must!

Well run course with personal attention. small class size helpful. Great spectrum of cases.

Took the refresher course Jan 2011....Bush and Shapiro are excellent...great case mix....recommend to all...I'll go back

I attended the refresher course for the cardiac CT course and found it extremely enjoyable. It was definitely complementary to my current knowledge and training and it was a wonderful way to update myself on the latest advancements and applications of cardiac CT.

Great Review! Very useful.

Outstanding review and interesting/varied case mix. Highly recommend it and would definitely do it again!

Excellent course!!!

Well organized and extremely comprehensive.

This course is highly recommended to all cardiologists no matter what sub-specialty they are doing or planning to do.

Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in the application of coronary/cardiac CT.

Wonderful course!

Excellent course.

I do not believe that a better conceived, organized and executed course is possible. Drs Shapiro, Bush, and Hees put together a triumph of a training course that in my mind, is the best the field can offer. Coming in as a trainee who had very little exposure to CCT, I left the course feeling as if there wasn't a an image challenge or a patient that I could not handle. The lectures were all fantastic, very informative and extensive. The cases were amazingly diverse, from the mundane (about 20 normal cases) to the most eclectic (coronary fistulas, aneurysms, myxomas). We covered every topic I could envision that CT might cover, the course directors were very receptive to feedback and answered all my questions above and beyond my expectations. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing cardiac CT in a heartbeat.

Thank you very much for the CT training course! I have learned cardiac CT for 5 days. I love cardiac CT!

Excellent course. We went over all kinds of CT images, correlating to clinical and angiographic aspects. The instructors are great and the cases specially selected. I recommend as a first approach to the method or to improve your skills!

Very informative and teach you CCT in an easy and excellent way.

Very good course for beginners. They provide good material, coverage of a lot of different diagnosis.

By far, a fascinating and well orchestrated course. Would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning CCT.

Amazing course, I highly recommend to all interested in learning cardiac CT from those who are truly dedicated, experienced, approachable, and didactic experts.

Excellent course. Comprehensive. Best such course I have attended

Excellent review course

Outstanding course!! I knew almost nothing about CT prior to this course. Drs. Bush and Shapiro take you from the very basics to more advanced concepts. The cases are awesome. I highly recommend this course.

excellent course, well structured course with good images and presentations. course has improved my knowledge on cardiac CT and I enjoyed the course very well. I recommend this course to everybody who would want to learn cardiac CT imaging.

Dr. Bush and Dr. Shapiro and their colleagues absolutely run one of the best cardiac CT training courses I have ever attended. The course provides adequate case numbers for level II qualification and many amazing and rare cases for learning. The class is small enough for individual attention. Individual workstation is provided, which is very helpful. Dr. Shapiro's clinical history and follow-up for almost all cases are tremendously enjoyed by everyone. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is seriously interested in cardiac CTA training.

Course was comprehensive and outstanding by one of the leading CT centers. Great course!

excellent course, very good lectures.

Excellent time had by all. Amazing combination of great science, interesting cases, and humor, peppered with ice cream socials and historical discussions. The course directors are clearly passionate about their work and are committed to teaching.

Excellent course. Very detailed oriented- these guys know how to teach....


Excellent course. I'm amazed by how much I learned in 5 days. They intrigue both the academic mind while keeping practical applications of Cardiac CT at the forefront of their course. I'm very appreciative of this experience. Small, intimate, and hospitable.

Wonderful experience! Professionally put together, seamless in its delivery. Faculty truly interested in our education. Good balance between didactic instruction, live cases, and banked cases. Very good value at current resident rate. No reservations in making the strongest of recommendations for this course!

The training was very well run. The instructors were knowledgeable, focused and efficient. I recommend this course to everyone.

It was an excellent course. Provided multiple very good examples that help me build confidence in using cardiac CTA. Very comprehensive. Faculty were always available and went out of their way to teach and make sure we made the most out of the course.

Excellent course. Outstanding cases and discussions.

I really enjoyed all aspects of the course. Since my institution is very light on the use of CTA, all of the material provided and demonstrated was quite useful. I now feel much more comfortable understanding and evaluation this imaging modality.

excellent course with lots of interaction and excellent cases. great course directors, well organized

lots of cases, good didactics, good instruction on how to maneuver images, would be nice to get a little more hands on instruction on processing, Shapiro and Bush are very pleasant, knowledgeable, great teachers

Very useful, practical CT course. Worth the money.

Great course . Excellent experience

did a ton of cases (>100) with more (~50) to do at home

Great review course and great lectures. I learned coronary CTA from the scratch to become expert ! I feel everybody should take this course, before wetting the feet. Worth of every penny.

great course great speaker’s good humor training is good thoroughly enjoyed.

The CT Practicum at JHU is an excellent 5 day course. Being a novice at cardiac CT and calcium scoring, I arrived at the course with no real knowledge of the technique and capabilities of the procedure. The course really explains every aspect of coronary CTA and calcium scoring. The material is presented in a very hands-on manner, with the majority of time rightfully spent reading cases and learning how to manipulate the images and software (in which there is a tremendous learning curve). The material was also presented in a way that would allow for cardiology (noninvasive or interventional) or radiology to successfully understand and utilize the technique. I would recommend this course to any cardiologist, cardiology fellow, or radiologist who is interested in coronary CTA or calcium scoring.

Excellent well organized course.

Excellent, well thought out, well taught . Dr(s) Bush,Shapiro,Hees and Shafique take you by the hand and show you the works. Help you understand and learn the concept, indication . Would highly recommend it to anyone .

The course was an excellent experience. The collection of educational cases was simply fantastic. Dr Bush and Dr Shapiro are great lecturers and hosts. I don't think it could have been done better.

That's a great course, with great teachers and material. Dr. Bush and Dr. Shappiro take you by the hand and show a lot of cases. I strongly recommend the course.

Phenomenal, enjoyable course taught be people who clearly love what they are doing and are unbelievable educators. Extremely high yield and informative experience! Interactive cases were the highlight of this course

Excellent course covering all aspects of cardiac CT with great speakers.

Excellent course. Got me excited about various uses and potential of cardiac CTA.

Great course. Excellent Instructors.

Outstanding course. Great hands on training with knowledgeable experts in the field. Would certainly recommend the course to co-fellows and colleagues. Only recommendation would be to possibly to shorten some of the lectures in order to reduce the overall course time. Some of the contents were repeated. Otherwise fantastic course.

Amazing course. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are great teachers and very approachable. Every aspect of the course should be commended from Ms. Orr to Dr. Hees to the endless supply of snacks and amazing collection of cases.

This was an excellent course, variety of cases, excellent presentations. I definitely recommend this course for all the cardiology fellows in training!

An excellent course. Gives very good review of current cardiac CT knowledge as well as hands on experience.

great program. content is thorough and encompasses many of the subjects, interesting, important cases involving cardiac CT. High praises for the people who organize this program.

Superb course with individual workstations and excellent instruction. Great organization with a great variety of cases.

Absolutely fantastic, excellent hands-on training, excellent teaching, highly recommended.

An excellent training course led by well-rounded and experienced cardiologists with comprehensive explanation, amazing deducted sections and great exposure to incredible amount of both common and rare diseases in cardiovascular system.

Very good, comprehensive training in cardiac CTA. Drs. Shapiro and Bush are excellent teachers and hosts. Vitrea software training is useful if you have this at your facility. Excellent cases and large volume commensurate with their experience in this field. Paul the physicist is excellent. As an added bonus, the food is really good. You will not be hungry during this week. I highly recommend this course.

As a medical graduate I have had an opportunity of attending this course as a part of research program at Hopkins. With still in my early years of education, the course was very educational. I was able to grasp about 70% of the material. This course is originally for cardiologist/radiologists but should also be used by residents! Overall a great experience!

The Hopkins Review course was probably the best educational course I have ever taken. It was well organized and very efficient. We reviewed live cases as well as the database cases. The instructors were very clear with their instructions and lectures.

It was a great experience and very informative and well-organized. I recommend thick course to anybody who wants to learn about cardiac CT.

Excellent course. Great Staff. Would recommend highly.

This course was outstanding, with well organized and comprehensive lectures integrated into supervised interpretation of a wide variety of cardiac cases. The instructors were all exceptional, and their different backgrounds from Interventional Cardiology, Noninvasive Cardiology and Radiology, offered a unique approach to Cardiac CT. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in learning about or getting involved in cardiac CT.

This course is absolutely phenomenal! The instructors are superb and experts in the field, and it's great to have them present while you are actively reviewing cardiac CT cases as a group. You get a lot accomplished in 5 days (looking at over 100 cases!) to the point where you feel quite comfortable with cardiac CT. I would strongly recommend this course to any fellow or practicing cardiologist that has any interest in cardiac CT.

The course was very well organized, and provides great exposure with discussions on practical and evidence based aspects of cardiac CT. I appreciated the personal attention the organizers gave to the trainees. I would highly recommend this course.

It was an awesome experience with great faculty, good lectures and very nice cases covering all aspects. Both Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush were simply outstanding!

This course was the best teaching course I have ever participated in with a multi-day format. 5 days of excellent comprehensive CTA didactics, cases, and fun. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are amazing teachers and personalities that made every second of the course worthwhile and they even had time to invite us to a historical tour through the University. Breakfast and lunch were also included and also shuttle service to and from the hotel every day. When I got back home I felt very comfortable to go read the CTA studies immediately, and also, I will go for the boards this year. I do strongly recommend this course to anybody that wants to learn Cardiac CTA. It could not have been any better.

Outstanding course!

Outstanding course.

Excellent course; comprehensive review of evidence based guidelines, live cases, basic techniques, and overview of 3d workstation system.

The course is really good. We had great lectures from really good instructors and experts in their field. I thought it was also very good that we had instructors in the fields of cardiology and radiology. By the end of the week, I was very comfortable reading CTs, and moreover know that I have a resource if it is that I have any questions or problems. Really great experience.

Excellent course. I recommend it for anyone who wants a good all round foundation for CT coronary angiography.

Case based course with a high level of practical training in a barbarity of cardiac diseases although primarily vascular. The course gets into the basics of what every cardiologist and radiologist wants to know, when working with cardiac CT. It is much recommended.

You get to see a lot of cases and get a good basic knowledge of the technique of coronary CT

Great and efficient. Excellent hands on training.

Exceptional course. I am a third year cardiology fellow with minimal exposure to cardiac CT before this training. After a week at the Hopkins program I feel very comfortable to go out and read CCTA studies independently.

excellent course which changes my clinical practice

An excellent course which provides the opportunity to review a large number of mentored cardiac CT cases.

Comprehensive mix of cases and didactic lectures by a brilliant group of enthusiastic, and highly experienced, cardiologists and radiologists. I highly recommended this course to cardiologists or radiologists who want level 2 CTCA certification. Course discount for fellows is generous and greatly appreciated.

Great course. Well organized.

Excellent course.

Excellent course, great overview of the basics and advanced topics pertaining to cardiac CT. The teachers are knowledgeable and very friendly, we had a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend this course for anyone who is interested in taking a CT course!

Without a doubt the best course available. The personal attention of the faculty is a bonus. "I came in as a skeptic and left as a believer"

Phenomenal course with high quality teaching and course director involvement. Well organized and extremely high yield. Small group size is essential for an optimal educational experience. I haven't been to a better didactic course.

an excellent CME

As it was recommended to me, this course is excellent. All the most important topics were covered with a great number of important and interesting cases to review. I will highly recommend it.

Excellent course targeted towards a mixed specialty audience and provides a different perspective, especially for radiologists. The lecturers are knowledgeable and experts in their field. The length of the course is appropriate for the skills you need to acquire. Overall, I highly recommend this course.

Fantastic course with great teaching and cases. I have learned so much during this week and the understanding that I gained will definitely allow me to augment my current practice of Cardiology. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are excellent instructors and some of the best teachers that I have encountered during my long road to becoming a cardiologist!

it has been a great teaching experience!

Excellent course in every respect; well worth the time and money


Excellent course, felt much more comfortable with CCTA after completing it. A little more info on report generation (What you do and don't include in reports, practicing creating reports, and discussion / feedback from surgeons and cardiologists on what they want in a report) and inclusion of actual reports during the course would be helpful (I am a radiologist).

Excellent course, very useful for your daily practice Excellent mentoring with lots of experience to teach Very organized Very clinical oriented Practical syllabus to take home

The John Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum is truly 'The Total Experience". The five days of combined didactic lectures and hands on cases enable the participant to master Cardiac CT theory and interpretation. The correlation with conventional angiography for most cases is invaluable. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are amazing teachers. I highly recommend this course.

highly recommended. Well structured course pitched at the right level from taking you from basics to complex cases. Instructors present for advice and help at all times through the entire week. Very friendly welcome to Baltimore.

Great course - you have your own workstation which means you can work at your own rate. Good change of pace. Good spread of cases. Small class size so individual attention and ability to cope with the differing needs of the participants. Would benefit from having an accompanying e-textbook, although the written material is apt and helpful.

This course was a great experience. I was impressed with the plethora of richly illustrative cases, and the concise explanation of the practical concepts and issues of Cardiac CT by the course mentors, particularly Drs Bush and Shapiro, who are deeply knowledgeable in the field. I would gladly attend this course again as a refresher, and would not hesitate to recommend it to a colleague.

As the name said, it is The Total Experience!!! A collection of cases and lectures that covers pretty much everything and guided by the guys that are doing that since the very beginning!!!!

Excellent course in all ways! Comprehensive and fun. The instructors are national or international experts in a variety of fields. The case bank is phenomenal and includes multimodality images that allows for clinical correlation. Registration was easy and organization is great for a small group (<15 people). Individual attention is always available, and the course attitude is really collegial.

comprehensive, intensive & fruitful course. Thanks.

Very useful course, I got a lot of knowledge regarding CT scan, it is the best course ever I attend in my life

Great presentations. Great presenters. Easy to understand and use. I increased my understanding of cardiology in general and CTA specifically. Thank you so very much. More of my colleagues are coming...

Excellent course. Well organized. The content was comprehensive but there is a step by step approach and by the end of the week, the course has covered everything in the course outline.

great person, great course

Excellent. Intensive as advertised. Comprehensive and great mix of disciplines.

It is a great experience

Very good course, well organized, a lot of knowledge in Cardiac CT, very helpful team, I would recommend the course

excellent courses with a lot of super cases.

excellent course! enjoyed it and will recommend it to all my peers. Excellent presenters and I feel competent that I will be able to read CT in the future. Recommend highly this course!!

Evan I already have a lot of experience (>1000 cases within last 5 years) at Taiwan, I still can learn new things from those teachers in this course!

Excellent course. Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush are exceptional educators

Excellent course content and faculty. It is one of the best courses I have ever attended. Recommends it for anybody interested in Cardiac CT.

This is an outstanding course with a lot of hands on training. The cases are very educational, the course directors and lecturers do an excellent job. I had no past experience with CTA, and at the end of the five days, I feel like I have all the basics that I need to know to start reading CTAs. I highly recommend this course.

Fantastic course. This took me from a baseline level of knowledge through feeling comfortable with working with the 3-D workstation. Ed and Dave are superb teachers.

Fantastic and comprehensive cardiovascular CT course that starts with the very basics and progresses to more advanced topics. Able to achieve level 2 certification during the week (with an additional 50 cases to review at home that are provided). Would recommend this course to anyone with an interest in CT - well worth your time.

Excellent faculty teachers. Practical hands-on experience reading CTs with cover a wide range of diagnoses. Highly recommended!

I found the course to be excellent in all aspects. Of particular utility was the number and quality of cases available for review, all of which were well integrated with appropriate didactics. The enthusiasm of Drs. Bush and Shapiro is the biggest selling point, though. Both are excellent teachers, and should be commended for putting together an overall outstanding learning experience.

Excellent course. Very hands on experience in reviewing cases. I feel adequately trained to start analyzing cardiac CT cases after the course

Outstanding course. Clearly the best and most comprehensive of any available.

Very good course. Detailed and logical. Very good for people who want a complete experience.

Great, all you want to learn on cardiac CT

Outstanding course! Very hands-on with extensive training in Vitrea workstation. Exceeded expectations. If you are interested in reading/acquiring coronary CTAs, this course is a must. I have nothing but good things to say. Drs. Bush, Shapiro, and Hees, were awesome.

High quality talks on Cardiac CT topics. Great amount of cases. Enthusiastic course teachers. Long hours, but not a thing you would want to miss out on.

This was overall an excellent experience. I was able to learn in detail how to interpret cardiac CTA. The instructors are excellent, the didactic instruction was very good and the case reviews were outstanding. The instructors were all very friendly and opened to questions.

Fantastic course!! Great combination of didactics, variety of cases, and hands on imaging reviews. You complete in the 5-days all requirements for level II independent of your starting level. The staff are experts on the field and dedicated to teaching. Overall, great learning experience.

An excellent cardiovascular CT course. Comprehensive, well-organized, and enjoyable. Instructors are knowledgeable and very approachable.

Excellent course. Very complete!


Excellent course. The best educational course that I have attended in years. Definitely recommend it to all Australian cardiologist and fellows

Their case library is great and faculty is very nice and friendly.

One of the best courses I have been to.

Excellent training course tying in technology, patient vignettes, and current evidence based practice.

Excellent hands-on training course. Appropriate balance of didactic and technical training. Would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Excellent course. The directors are amazing and conveyed a lot of information and interesting cases in a short period of time. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.

Excellent teaching. Reasonable price. Pleasant experience. Definitely learned how to practically read CTA.

Excellent course on Cardiac CT, which covers all aspects of this technique. Taught by very knowledgeable and enthusiastic physicians. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone considering Cardiac CT training.

Fantastic course! Drs. Shapiro and Busha are excellent teachers. Their expertise and enthusiasm make the experience extremely high yield. The case mix is comprehensive. The guest lectures are great. It was the best CME I've done.

Excellent program

Excellent course. The staff was fantastic---absolutely world leaders in the field it is clear. I have already recommended it to colleagues.

great and smooth

This is an excellent course with a superb lecture series and outstanding case selection.

Excellent course. learned all about Cardiac CT - able to read from normal to abnormal including anomalies and bypass grafts. Excellent balance between evidence based medicine, real life practical use and lectures. Very friendly staff. highly recommend this course.

Great course for radiologists who also get to learn Cardiology aspect of the current issues in coronary artery disease.

Very useful information.

excellent cases, with interesting discussion of future directions of the field. there was a good mix of theory and practice with more emphasis on the latter. the independent evaluation of cases was helpful with comparison later with "official reads". we did five of these but I would encourage 2 sessions of this as I found it very helpful.

Excellent course; highly recommended

Excellent course. Great information. Very good cases and excellent history. Drs Shapiro and Bush and Hees have out forward a great course. Definitely recommended for Level-2 in CTA.

The course is fantastic. VIP treatment with great attention to all aspects of taking the course including all-inclusive food, shuttle transportation to hotels, and even a nice dinner with the staff. Very good comprehensive coverage of physiology and variety of pathology. Instructors are very experienced. Great balance of didactics and coherent speakers. Level II certification for a 5 day course is a huge bonus.

This course is exactly what it advertises -- a total cardiac CTA experience. Nicely done!

excellent experience. Nice combination of lectures and step by step approach.

Very good course to attain level 2. Good practical training in case diagnosis and technical aspects of cardiac CT.

The course is run by Drs. Bush and Shapiro. They are both extraordinarily gifted teachers. The course is extremely good; it was the best Cardiac CT Course I have ever taken. The massive amount of preparation done by the course organizers shows. The case selection, discussions, didactic sessions are all superb. The course logistics and user-friendly course features [transportation, meals, and workstation facilities] are all also second to none. I recommend this highly either as a first course or as a refresher for anyone who has been doing this for sometime, and who wants to "see how the experts do it". Either way, you will come away tremendously enriched.

excellent course! this course taught me a huge amount. very practical, plenty of cases, good/short lectures.

The course was excellent. It met all of my educational objectives.

This is an excellent course, which is extremely well organized with superb teachers and trainers. The course is open to international colleagues, and is also very suitable for this group.

Excellent course. Ample time to practice with the 3d workstation. Energetic and enthusiastic instructors.

Very practical and helpful case for beginners , as well as excellent resource for revision. Well organized and well run. Learnt a lot. Highly recommend this course. Will be doing more CT cardiac exams as I have a greater appreciation for the utility of this tool.

An excellent course. Wonderful experience. The experience of "hands on learning" at the workstation is invaluable and the lectures were great.

the course in John Hopkins, is excellent, you spend one week with the best educational experience and a wide variety of cardiac cases I recommend this course for every radiologist or cardiologist interested in cardiac imaging

Excellent course. Brought the excitement of learning new things back!!!! I wish there was one course (and instructors) like this for all subjects

excellent course wide gamut of cases reviewed

The best course I attended so far Vey well thought out precise presentations and covered all the topics in 5 days Though the days were long they were able to keep us interested the whole time Very interactive and didactic I feel confident at the end of the course that I will be able to reads CTA effectively Will definitely recommend this course

this course was much well organized, so much talented and friendly moderators, a lot of excellent lectures and a lot of very interesting cases with all related clinical data and investigations (angiography, echo, MRI)

1) Excellent well organized course. 2) Great and wide variety of teaching cases. 3) My personalized experience of Cardiac CT has been enriched by this course. 4) Feel more confident about reading cardiac CT, and assessing indications and contraindications for cardiac CT .5) Preceptors were friendly and very approachable.

Excellent course for radiologists and cardiologists given by two of the best! Large variety of cases with informative lectures from Bayview and Hopkins faculty.

The course directors and co-directors not only train you to read cardiac CTs but go much beyond it to introduce common pitfalls, looking outside the box, and the most interesting cases in the clinical context. It was fun and very well organized.

Truly an excellent course. It was structured, organized and run flawlessly. There was a lot of pathology reviewed. The hands on experience on the workstations was priceless. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are excellent teachers!

This course covers many important aspects of cardiac CT: optimization of acquisition parameters, interpretations, case oriented approach, radiation safety, risk/benefit, and many more. This is one of the best courses for cardiology fellows and attendings.

Excellent course, I highly recommend to everyone who is interested in perusing a career in Cardiac CT. Our class a mix of international scholars and a mix or cardiology and radiology professional and was highly interactive. Very educational and yet great fun in the class. Enjoyed the learning experience thoroughly and reviewed nearly 150 very interesting and unique cases in 1 week and another 50 cases to review and get back to the evaluations. Kudos to Drs. Shapiro and Bush and other excellent faculty.

An excellent experience. I really enjoyed the course! In addition to providing experience with the workstation, the lectures and the mix of cases that were presented overall made the course very useful.

Excellent course

This is an extraordinary course in every way.

Excellent course taught by inspiring and knowledgeable faculty. I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to others

superb cardiac CT course.

High yield course with an excellent speakers

A great course run extremely well by the best in the field.

Excellent course Very interactive Good lectures Common and rare interesting CTA cases discussed Highly recommended

Excellent course. Great mixture of didactics and case review. The instructors also do a great job of teaching "tricks of the "trade such as salvaging data, dealing with artifacts, calcium, etc.

If you are wondering if this course is worth the cost and your efforts, it definitely is!

interesting cases, to many worth to learn. thanks.

This is the greatest course I have ever attended in my life. Every Cardiology Fellow should be made to go through this course. Because, they teach the basics of anatomy and physiology in the context of clinical scenarios. This puts CCT in the perfect clinical setting.

This CT course is a must. Dr. Bush and Dr. Shaprio do an excellent job making this a very pleasant and helpful way of learning coronary CT. There are many speakers who are top notch.

One of the best educationals I've ever attended.

Superb course and moderators led by Drs. Shapiro and Bush

Excellent course! It really is the "total experience", couldn't ask for a more thorough, pleasant, and well organized training course. The 'hands-on' experience is great. Thanks everybody!

Outstanding course. The directors are very experienced and very nice. I have no negatives to mention.

The JHU CT course really exceeded my expectations and gave me an excellent understanding of cardiac CT. The cases have been very carefully selected and a clinical correlation provided for each CT. I would strongly recommend this to Cardiologists interested in an introduction to CT.

This is an amazing cardiac CT course. Drs. Shapiro and Bush are excellent teachers and clinicians and clearly teach the details of cardiac CT from radiation safety to image acquisition, to interpretation. They also have excellent guest speakers from Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland. After finishing the course, I feel very confident in my ability to read cardiac CT.

A fantastic experience! The course provided a great mix of lectures and interactive cases on the workstation. The cases were truly fascinating! The course directors and faculty presenters were superb. This course definitely carries my highest recommendation.

Excellent course!! Well organized and high yield. Small group setting with perfect balance between didactic sessions and hands on use of the work station. Well worth the time and expense. Course directors Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are outstanding. I can't say enough about them.

Great course. Many normal cases, variations, and pathological cases.


This is a thorough course, with great one -on-one teaching with a dedicated staff. You will be able to take charge of a CT-Cardiac Lab when you have finished this course.

Excellent experience. One on one training. Extensive material. Very well organized. Lectures are given by various Hopkins faculty with different perspectives. Coffee is bad!

Great mix of didactic lectures and interactive cases. Will become quickly comfortable with using workstation in analyzing and interpreting CTA and calcium score.

Outstanding course! Really liked hands-on, interactive cases.

Multiple excellent faculty that were available at all times and gave a very well rounded course. We observed different opinion and approach toward CTA

Excellent training in cardiac CT. Ample hands-on with work stations. Attentive faculty who are experts in the field. Ample case volume. Intensive schedule is appropriate for depth of knowledge required in the field.

Excellent CME course with the best of instructors for both radiologists and cardiologists. Will send more of my group to this.

The most informative course I have taken. Excellent cases and great didactic lectures. I believe I have acquired the knowledge to start a Cardiac Ct program.

This is an excellent course offering great hands on experience in addition to lectures. The course goes through an extensive number of cases covering a wide range of findings.

Excellent review of CTA practical applications.

Excellent course with very good didactic presentations and extensive hands-on image manipulation and instruction in interpretation of a broad range of cardiac images including normal and abnormal anatomy.

Great course. Dr. Bush and Dr. Shapiro work very hard during to course to give a complete overview of CT of the heart. They do an excellent job in reviewing the latest didactic material. There is extensive case list with a diverse set of diagnoses and problems. The setting is excellent with one Vitrea workstation per person.

The most comprehensive and practically most useful teaching program I have attended as CME. Both faculty members were present throughout the day to assist and answer questions. Interaction between the attendees and faculty was very informal and educational. All questions were answered and explanations given in detail; audiovisual equipment and help using the workstation was excellent.

Excellent course with a wide variety of cardiac cases with an emphasis on coronary and graft evaluation. Multiple cases were demonstrated in the CT lab (it is mandatory) to make me well versed with the technique. Individual workstations in the classroom give students a good and ample experience to analyze cases hands on without sharing. The faculty members are very experienced and encourage discussion and are very supportive. Conclusion: Great course. Thoroughly enjoyed.

It was a great experience. There is a very close tutoring.

I took this course in March 2007 and I found this to be the best course I've taken in the last 21 years of active practice as a cardiologist. Dr. Shapiro and Bush's course was superb. Both physicians are not only very bright, but very down to earth, both open to all questions, etc. Both of them spent from 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday for the course. I was very happy with the one on one teaching.

I attended this course in March 2007 and got a adequate platform for starting Cardiovascular CT studies in my home hospital. I found the workstation easy to learn and a good tool for interactive teaching. World class, well motivated faculty and well planned lectures and more importantly serious hands on training. Highly recommended for both Cardiologists and Radiologists.

Excellent coverage of all aspects of cardiac CT - highly recommended.

The Hopkins course taught by Drs. Shapiro and Bush, et al, was outstanding. I left the course confident in my abilities to perform and interpret cardiac CT well. The support staff kept things well organized and the structure and pace of the instruction was perfect.

Facilities: The best. Attention: Super. Teachings skills: Incredibly swift, smooth, easily understandable, friendly ambience, coherent, organized and very updated material. Equipment: Toshiba 64 scanner. The same at my place in PR! Undoubtedly an excellent course. Recommended fully.

Excellent course, well-organized, quite informative, one to one work station, hands-on training and detailed live acquisition cases.

This was an excellent course and now I feel competent to determine which patients have good indications for the study, which is contraindicated, and how to evaluate coronary arteries. The instructors are constantly available and do an excellent job of making sure everyone in the class is up to speed.

Best course around. Very well organized. Individual workstations. Plenty of help with workstation. Excellent lectures and of course good food. Wonderful job by Suzie, David, ED and Paul.

The course is superb with very cooperative faculty and excellent environment for learning.

Excellent course. Top 10% of CME courses I've taken over the past 21 years.

Outstanding didactic course with excellent practical training and real clinical vignettes. Highly recommended for every cardiologist and radiologist.

First class; excellent workstations; excellent continuous support from experienced faculty; high volume case load.

The Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT Practicum is an excellent course with lots of hands on experience in a fun, supportive learning environment.

Fantastic course. Plenty of "hands-on" experience from renowned experts in the field and generous angiographic correlations. Great personal attention from the instructors.

This course was outstanding in every way and taught by true experts in the field. I can't recommend it highly enough.

The Johns Hopkins Cardiac CT course is a remarkable learning experience. In the week long course, we saw 100 cases. More importantly, a very large percent of the cases had clinical, cath, or echo correlations that put in perspective how well CT can diagnose a wide range of pathologies. The faculty is energetic, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. This course is outstanding.

Extensive case file with cath correlation. Great teaching; 2 physicians in room throughout course. Plenty of hands-on experience as well as lecture material I researched many courses before selecting the Hopkins course and this is definitely one of the best.

Very intensive courses with extensive workstation instruction and practice. Case variety is excellent as expected for a referral center. Opportunity to personal discussions and questions are extensive. The course is very expensive but leaves one feeling immersed in this infant field.

This 5 day practicum was truly amazing. Very well organized, with excellent combination of didactic material followed by correlated cases. Each person gets their own workstation and individual attention from multiple distinguished CCTangiographers. Dr.'s Bush and Shapiro, the course directors, share their extensive CT experience and library of cases in a relaxed and collegial fashion, without rushing participants through the cases. I have done 2 other short courses, but did not feel confident to accurately read CCTA until this course. I would recommend it without reservation to anyone interested in a quality, evidence based approach to CCTA.

Very professional team. CTA technology and application from both radiology and cardiology perspectives. Might sound expensive, however, the amount and quality of information given during the course make it worth the cost. Compared to a previous course I've been to, this one is one of the best. Doubt other programs can even get close (facility, time dedicated to visitors, quality of cases, lectures, ...). Weakness: No peripheral studies.


World-class faculty, outstanding teaching, great cases. Enjoyable and educational. Highly recommended.

A well organized, comprehensive CT angiography course focused on hands-on case reading. The ratio of experienced instructors to students was about 1:3, and having them over my shoulder while I read really improved my facility with the workstation. Even the coffee was good!

Excellent course. Case mix is outstanding -- it condenses and distills years of interesting cases. Typically, cath or other imaging modalities correlations are available.

Great course, very well organized. Excellent faculty.

Great Faculty who understand private practice, excellent lectures. Classes are long but worth every minute with perfect accommodations and now the coffe is second to none. I am glad I came and learned....

Excellent course. A must for radiologists who want to do cardiac CTA. Drs. Bush and Shapiro effectively teach cardiac CTA from every aspect. They and their speakers cover how to use the 3d workstation, cardiac anatomy, and how to read cardiac CTA. They also go into the epidemiological studies for the appropriateness or inappropriateness of cardiac CTA. As a non cardiologist, I felt very welcomed by the staff and the group. The environment was non threatening and friendly. One of the biggest things that you will learn is the cardiology lingo. You don't want to be a radiologist who just says there is CAD. The course teaches you the way cardiologists think as well as cardiology terminology.

This course provides an excellent learning experience for cardiac CT and CTA through a good balance between lectures and hands-on experience. There are ample of illustrative cases covering a broad spectrum of pathologies. The faculty members are very experienced and encourage discussion and are very supportive and available throughout the course. Highly recommended experience.

Excellent course with nice balance between cases and lectures. I learned and assimilated a great deal in the time available. Instructors were very approachable and interested in ensuring attendees understood the key elements.


Very educational from cardiac standpoint. Dave and Ed go out of their way to make you understand the process.

Excellent Course ! Kept me enthralled through 5 very long days. I feel confident in my abilities to interpret a study after this course.

Very good course, highly recommendable.

OUTSTANDING course! Superb instructors and extensive case selection for review. The on-site teaching laboratory is well equipped with excellent technical and administrative support. Instructors are highly respected leaders in their field. Course schedule is very rigorous with 10-11 hours per day of lectures combined with CTA case interpretations.

Amazing course!! Excellent, patient, painstaking workstation training and great lectures! I am grateful and exhausted.

I've completed this excellent course in January 2008. Very organized, with lots of cases, excellent didactic material and very helpful lectures. Dr. Shapiro, Dr. Bush, and his colleagues are doing a wonderful job.

This is an excellent course for cardiologists and radiologists. The course is intense and very much worth it.

This course is really great! The directors and co-directors are extremely organized and interested on teaching. There are many interesting cases that demonstrate coronary pathology with cath correlation.

Excellent course from start to finish. The cases were fascinating and high yield. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are excellent course directors and teachers.

Great course...I would highly recommend this training program


Outstanding course

Good interaction between cardiology and radiology. Good case discussions in a lively interactive environment.

--an outstanding course --excellent teaching and cases

The is an excellent course on MSCT. It is thorough, detailed, scientific and highly clinical. I have found it extremely good and would be happy to recommend to everyone interested in learning MSCT. My sincere thanks to the Directors Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush for the great work they are doing in the field of educational cardiology

Excellent and very patient instructors that help you through the difficult process of workstation use and to help get you started on a new imaging tool that will bring value to patient care.

Highly professional, intense and educational. I feel comfortable that I have enough education and tools to read CCTA by the fourth day. Both Drs. Shapiro and Bush and their team have perfected this course

An excellent course. The most helpful training in CTA I have attended. Extremely knowledgeable faculty. Case demonstration is superb. The live scanning demonstration also is very useful. CT techs are great and skillful.

Comprehensive course geared to both novices in the field and those with CT experience. Material covered and cases reviewed were well planned and explained. Obviously there is a learning curve where practice will improve our ability to interpret with confidence.

Excellent experience. Would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Cardiac CT.

Excellent course. Enjoyed the interactive sessions. Highly recommended course. A must for all new comers. Superb faculty . Some excellent didactic lectures.

High marks for presentations, facility and individual instruction. Strongly recc.

I recently attended a 2 day refresher course at Hopkins. I took the initial 5 day course back in September,2007. Like many others, I have not been very active in cardiac CT since then and was pleased to hear that the good people at Hopkins were offering a refresher course free of charge to all those who had their initial training there. I went there expecting that we will be "merged" with the main course attendees. However, to my surprise, the few of us were the main event. There were three of us and we had the full attention of Drs Shapiro and Bush. These two give their heart and soul to teaching CT. In addition to brushing up on my skills, I earned 50 extra cases towards level 3 and 14.5 CME credits. All for free! you cannot beat this deal. I strongly recommend this course to any one who is serious about cardiac CT. The quality is superb!

I highly recommend this course to all interested in cardiac CT. 5 days of continuous reading and interpretation of recorded cases as well as many live cases. Each trainee had his own workstation with excellent one-one interaction. This course is great.

Fantastic program - comprehensive and great cases.

Outstanding course! one of the best I have taken

This is an excellent course!!!!!!! Every cardiologist interested in CTA should attend.

Very intense well done course. I can't imagine doing more in 5 days. Excellent variety of CCTA cases and cath correlation. Dr's Bush and Shapiro, as well as all the other instructors, were approachable and very knowledgeable.

Great lectures, great faculty, great cases. One person per workstation is excellent, size of class ensures prompt interactions with instructors. Good speed (not too slow or too fast). In addition, I think the best facilities/equipment I have encountered for a course (temperature of room, computers without major (or minor) problems, ERGONOMIC chairs) - it's the little things that make a difference. Also nice social program. Registration process was easy. Great support staff. Also: excellent technologist providing hands on experience.

The course was excellent. Drs. Bush and Shapiro and their assembled faculty were all wonderful, kind teachers and made learning Cardiac CTA a breeze. The case material range form the basic to the rare and exotic. The approach was very practical with plenty of hands-on time at the Vitrea workstations. The week is can be grueling at times, due to the required course material, but well worth it. Highly recommended!

This course was invaluable to me as a radiologist trying to assimilate cardiac CTA and apply it in my hospital. We have a 64 slice scanner, and I need to understand its management, drawbacks, and benefits. This course had a diverse clientele and faculty with all types of cardiologists and radiology specialists. The feeling was very collegial between the various groups, both students and instructors. I was amazed at how universally available and accessible all the instructors were. I felt like I got plenty of attention, lots of hands on training, and I feel confident in going forward and reading these types of studies .... granted that I will be vigorous in getting good clinical input from the cardiologists and strive to review as much of the cardiac angiography correlation as possible. I cannot imagine any course like this that could be more thorough, useful, and enjoyable. Wow!

This was really a great experience at Johns Hopkins. I am pleased with the quality of teaching and efforts put in by the faculty to make this course successful. There was lots of hands on experience on the computer technology related to cardiac CT.

This was a well organized, well managed high intensity course that provided a great learning experience

Excellent course. Very comprehensive and intense review, very interesting and unique cases. Wonderful correlation with clinical and cath data. Drs. Bush, Shapiro, Hees, Shafique and all other faculty members are excellent, friendly and very helpful. Great experience. Highly recommended for everyone.

Excellent course. The content is very useful and practical and the course directors and co-directors all were on top of us to help in understanding the process and the meaning as well as the interpretation of the different images. They could not be better. The organization was also superb, nothing was left loose. Great Course, something complex made easy by the superb teaching abilities of the tutors.

It was amazing and comprehensive. I recommend it highly!

Superb course taught by practicing Cardiologists with lots of real world experience. An intense 5 days.

Excellent course ' the best CTA course I have attended so far with excellent faculty and work station'

Excellent course.

EXCELLENT course-lots of practical experience, you have your own work station, 3-4 teachers who are very nice and user friendly and appropriate lectures. I am a radiologist with a lot of cardiac experience and the course was very good for me. I hope I will be able to implement all I have learned at home in my hospital. Food good, transportation excellent, long days, but worth it. I highly recommend this course

Excellent course with a very professional faculty.

I attended the cardiac CTA review course at Hopkins. It was a great opportunity for additional educational after the main five day Cardiac CT Practicum course. I strongly recommend both these courses.

This is an excellent course as regards to the depth and material, with losts of cases to illustrate both every day encounters with CAD and also cases to illustrate rare one of a kind anomalies. The directors Drs. Bush & Shapiro are very talented, knowledgeable and very friendly which puts you at ease right away. As a bonus there is a refresher course that is offered for free for anybody who would like an update on the technology and more cases review. Overall one of the best if not the absolute best course in CTAs.

Very practical, helps beginner not only technically but also clinically.

Firstly, I have to say many thanks to all of the team in this course. This course have brought me into the new world of cardiac imaging. From the beginning of zero percent of how to figure the picture of cardiac CT until nowadays I am able to have confidence in some extent to be an independent interpreter. I would say that truly this course should suit anyone who would like to commence the cardiac CT experience with world class experienced mentors. In addition, this course does provide you all variances of Cardiac CT image you might encounter with in your life. I would give 5 stars to the knowledge I got from this course, and I would give 100% confident to the quality of all staff and all course materials. Kind regards,

this is an excellent training course with great course directors and case library. I learned a lot. thank you very much.

Excellent course, great lectures and staff!

Excellent didactic sessions with intense one on one interaction between trainee and instructor. Exposure to several experts. Excellent workstation (individual). Very complete book provided. Plenty of time for discussion. Excellent location. Excellent food. I recommend this course highly.

Absolutely the best course on imaging I've ever had the pleasure to attend. Extremely well organized, well executed, and taught by leaders in the field who know how to teach a very complex imaging modality by breaking it down into sections that are easy to understand and follow. Having your own individual workstation is key and the case compilation is amazing! I rate this course as superior, and I highly recommend it to anyone desiring a better handle on cardiovascular CT.

This course was EXCELLENT. Long days, but well worth it. Very good correlation of cases with clinical history and other diagnostic tests. Good balance of case reviews with didactic teaching. Would strongly recommend to anyone interested in cardiac imaging.

This was the best educational course I'd ever had. Each student was assigned with a workstation. There were always 2-3 experts to help us how to use and how to interpret. The cases were also great from atherosclerotic diseases to tumors including some very rare cases, and reviewed with a great discussion by all the participants. The lectures cover everything you need to know about CCT as well as cutting-edge technology and upcoming research.

Excellently organized and run CCT course. They stated what the course would provide and provided everything and more than what they stated. I much appreciated the excellent individual work stations and the readily available instructors for 1 on 1 interaction. Their love of CT in the care of cardiac patients and love of teaching and sharing was quite evident and appreciated. Thank you.

It is an excellent course. The lectures and the organization of the course were fantastic and it is one of the best courses that I had in the last years! The course combines frontal lectures and interactive CT readings in an optimal and a very interesting way. In addition joining the technician while scanning, and seeing on the desktop remote cases was a great idea. In addition, I would commend the IT support and the active involvement of the directors of the course and their serious yet very pleasant and friendly attitude! The logistic part was perfect thanks to Mrs. Orr. In addition to learning a lot about coronary CT, I learned a lot about how to organize courses. I would recommend this course warmly to all my colleagues who are interested in coronary CT.

The course was well-organized, and the course directors were knowledgeable and extremely open and accessible for questions. The availability of one workstation per person allowed for ample hands-on practice of the post-processing/analysis software. The duration of the course and volume of cases was perfect for Class II certification. I highly recommend this cardiac CT course.

I had the opportunity to follow the course of CTA on June. It was an excellent experience. I was able to have the whole picture on CTA and learned a lot from very clever and polite people. Furthermore, I strongly recommend to anyone who want to have a good introduction in the subject of CTA, to follow the above course.

Great course, feel very well prepared for reading cardiac CT!

This course covers almost everything you need to know for cardiac CT. Very good for fellows.

Excellent course, very educational and hands on course!!

Excellent course. Great directors with incredible wealth of knowledge and experience. very personable, patient, willing to help and answer all questions. Give my highest recommendation to anyone interested in pursuing experience in CCTA.

Excellent course with rich amount of cases to learn from..

This is a totally wonderful course. All the lecturers are wonderful, not to mention that Dr. Shapiro has given us the nicest introduction to John's Hopkins and the history of wonderful cardiac physicians in Hopkins. I would definitely suggest this course to anybody, especially those without much prior experience in cardiac imaging post processing, such as me!

It was a very delightful experience to attend a course like this one. It's well structured and very organized, a huge panel of pathologies is covered and the instructors are among the most experienced people in the field. I can not forget the wrathful environment for learning. If you consider do cardiac CT, even if you have no previous experience, this is the place to go. I could not recommend more enthusiastically!

Excellent course directed by Dr. Bush and Shapiro assisted by John Hopkins faculty - great cases, excellent teaching and discussion, full immersion. Fulfills criteria for level II. Be prepared for a fun week, hard work and long hours.

well worth the trip from Australia

Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush have put together an amazing course with great cases, superb education and entertaining stories, although it is an intensive course of a week it was worth every minute as an investment in cardiac CT training. Best regards from the Netherlands

Well worth it.. Dr.Shapiro and Dr.Bush are great teacher and it was fun.

The course offers a mostly complete overview of cardiac CT for beginners, which also seems to serves as a good way to prepare for the board exam -- granted that I have not taken this exam yet. Course content, while not always perfectly organized, does cover the essential components and excels most in the area where it should: practical considerations for acquiring and analyzing these studies. There is ample opportunity for hands-on learning and one-on-one Q&A, which is another major strength of the course. There are no major areas of deficiency.

Absolutely fantastic course. Well worth the price. Dr. Shapiro and Bush are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining teachers. I started with no knowledge at all about CT, and came away feeling prepared enough to take the CT boards and perform CTA, not to mention incorporating the modality more frequently into my practice.

Excellent Course! I had virtually no cardiac CT experience prior to the course and now feel quite comfortable with the use of the workstation and interpretation of images after just five days. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is at all interested in cardiac CT. Well worth the cost.

Excellent course organizational lot of hands-on practice Large library of simple and complex cases with diverse pathology Excellent faculty generous with their knowledge, time and advices Great ratio of faculty to attendees Excellent venue

excellent training

Excellent course! The combination of lectures, live cases, library of all kinds of valuable teaching cases, small class size (about 16 total), several different lecturers all with expertise made this course a very enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The instructors are friendly and promote questions and interactive learning throughout the course without being intimidating. The course also helps facilitate travel to and from the site with meals provided to make the whole experience very easy. I simply can't say enough good things about the course and the organizers: simply the best.

Excellent. Would highly recommend for all the fellows irrespective of wither you practice imaging or not as it will help you understand the heart and anatomy better.

I had very little knowledge about cardiac CT before I came here. I enjoyed the course in its entirety. Both Drs. Shapiro and Bush are great teachers and I learnt a great deal. All the lectures were well presented by the leaders in the area of Cardiac imaging and CT. I would recommend this case to all of my colleagues, junior and seniors, alike.

very good training, many cases

Very well-done course. With very interesting discussing cases.

A fantastic, very well organized, well-run course that covers an amazing amount of CT skills

The lectures were excellent and there were a broad range of cases.

This is the best and most applicable time spent since I left fellowship 10 years ago!

Fantastic course. Excellent practical training and didactics. Well organized and well timed. Large amount of pathology covered in an educational, fun, and dynamic environment. Highly recommended to anyone considering learning or practicing with cardiac CT.

Best course so far I have attended .The faculty is superb

I highly recommend this course. It is very comprehensive and well organized.

FANTASTIC COURSE!!!!!! Drs Shapiro and Bush are a fantastic tag team duo of entertaining and educational dynamos. We had a blast and learned A TON of valuable/take-home CTA knowledge. The course is long but not tedious and the days move quickly constantly moving back and forth between interesting cases and didactic speakers with excellent talks which are engaging and attention-grabbing. Cant recommend this program enough. Outstanding!

This is a fantastic course with great pathology in the review cases! You will leave this course with an excellent understanding of how to perform and interpret cardiac CT!

An outstanding review course on cardiac CT! Abundance of pathology, presented by excellent teachers that walk you through it.

Extremely intense, exhausting, inspiring, educating, fantastic cases and lectures. I highly recommend this course.

Excellent cuso.Cuenta con la tecnologia mas avanzada en el campo y profesores reconocidos y competentes en su campo.Lo recomiendo ampliamente.

It is well prepared course involving good scientific information and training.

Excellent, hands on course. Didactic lectures were good, but the interactive cases, with broad range of complexity and pathology, were very informative.

Excellent course. Highly recommend it. Loved the multimodality case discussion.

Absolutely excellent course. I give it my highest recommendation! The faculty was incredibly knowledgable, experienced and professional. The course was extremely organized and arrangements for transportation and food was excellent as well. Thank you for this enlightening experience.

Excellent course that covers all major (and minor) aspects of cardiac CT. This course was highly recommended to me by a number of people and all my expectations were met. Can't think of any improvements.

Excellent course! Good mix of cases and lectures. Drs. Bush and Shapiro work very well together. I would highly recommend this course.

Very good

Great experience. Perfect opportunity for intensive review and learning of an awesome technology. Great job!

excellent course with lots of learning of various common and rare conditons, cardiac and no-cardiac both. The course was delivered in a very friendly way with frequent participation of the course directors at a personal level.

Excellent course!

Excellent course. Great Cases. Very Well organized.

Overall great course with mix of didactics and CT cases. Highly recommended.

Great course, very helpful specially for a fellow in training like me. I would recommend it to the other trainees in cardiology or radiology.

Great course! Very comprehensive!

A very comphrensive course that's useful to radiologists and cardiologists alike. Course directors are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. Large volume of cases covering multiple topics. Excellent!

Excellent course. The cases presented are almost all correlated with angiography and the management. Wonderful tour through Johns Hopkins is included which is a fun addition!

This was an amazing experience. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in learning to interpret Cardiac CT images. Wonderful instructors and invaluable.

This comprehensive review of cardiac CT course was extremely useful and complementary to whatever training I've received to date. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in learning about this technology for the care of patients.

Excellent course all around. Great variety of pathology, very experienced course instructors both clinically and in running the course. Great organization including instructions pre-arrival, shuttles to and from hotels for convenience, and meals and snacks during the day.

This course was absolutely wonderful. All the course directors and lecturers were enthusiastic and were wonderful teachers. The hands-on-experience was great. I would highly recommend the course.

excellent course for introduction for cardiac CT, recommended !

Well organized and very informative. The course met my expectations.

Excellent course, for a complete understanding of CT in the present era. Great course directors.

This is the best course I have ever attended. Thank you for all.

Very comprehensive course with large volume of cases with excellent image acquisition. Only caveat is what do we do with poorly acquired images. Although there were discussions as to how to improve processing, unfortunately we were not given the opportunity to process image acquisition.

Great course-- tons of material crammed into 5 days. Great instructors and lectures. Good hands on experience. Just wish we had more time to learn more of the technical side of CT image acquisition.

This was a fabulous review course, everything was covered expertly, efficiently and memorably

excellect experiance can not find in book :)

Excellent course that integrates live feeds, lectures, cases, history of JHU, all done by master teachers!

Wonderful course. Hard work but well worth it. Friendly, very complete and very responsive to all questions. Completely Recommended.

Excellent Cardiac CT course under the supervision of world renowned faculty at Johns Hopkins university.

Fantastic staff. Well worth the trip from Singapore. I feel well trained and prepared to incorporate this into my practice.

It is a great course with clinical correlations. Good for radiologists who needs to learn this from a cardiology perspective.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital CT Course was exceptional for obtaining clinical competency and certification for CT angiography. The instructors are absolutely phenomenal with excellent cases. Additionally, the food was exquisite!

Great course. In depth but easily understandable. Advanced my knowledge significantly. Gave me the knowledge and know how to begin using Cardiac CT in my practice. Course instructors friendly and approachable yet at the top of their fields. Highly recommended.

The Johns Hopkins CT Practicum course is a fantastic and fun comprehensive overview of cardiac CT. The days are filled with a well-balanced mix of didactic lectures, interesting cases, hands-on experience with CT scanning, post-processing, and reconstructive interpretation as well as incredible hospitality and a warm, friendly environment. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are an absolute joy to work with, and it was a pleasure taking part in this course.

Good mix of didactics and case reviews. Good pace.

Excellent experience. Great mix of introductory and advanced material. Training on pre-TAVR assessment would be a great plus.

Comprehensive,practical,friendly.Excellent range of cases.

Excellent course ! Great teaching, wide variety of cases. Would highly recommend it for everyone.

I thought this course was great. There was considerable exposure to a wide variety of clinical cases. Instructors were excellent.

Love the course! A very detailed and interactive sessions. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush made us feel at home right from the beginning. Loaded us with tons of food! The entire team went to dinner which I thought added a very personal touch to the course.All the lecturers are very motivated and interested in teaching. Would definitely recommend this course to other people.

Very organized and covers most of the topics thoroughly. At the end of the course, you get very confident to read a cardiac CT independently. Faculty are very supportive and dedicated. The facilities provided including the housekeeping are excellent.I would like to thank everyone, especially Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush for the excellent organization of the course.

One of the best course I did in the last few years. Very good didactic, dedicated 2-3 attending there all the time. vey good demonstration of how to analysis cardiac CT with great mixture of interesting cases.

Excellent Course with excellent Faculties with Excellent Practical Value.

Great course with an excellent mix of cases, didactic lectures, exposure to real world scan and problems arising in them. Cases very instructive. Beneficial for both cardiologists and radiologists, felt quite comfortable with cardiac CT after course. Excellent value for the money.

Excellent course.

Excellent course. Very well taught with comprehensive and hands-on learning.

Great course, would recommend everyone to join.


great course with great staff

Absolutely outstanding course and probably one of the overall best I have ever taken. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush are not only excellent instructors but scholars as well.

This was a great course and helped me understand the Cardiac CT to significant extant


Excellent course done over 5 days. Dedicated staff who went over the theory and practice of it. Saw a variety of pathology . Good for the beginner and a review for the practicing physician

excellent course .Best speakers .highly recommended for radiologist .

Excellent mentored hands-on experience. The quality of didactics was exceptional. Workstations were of high quality. All the course mentors but Drs. Bush and Shapiro in particular are very experienced and immensely knowledgeable. Great experience for any cardiology fellow - whether or not they want to read CT angiograms in practice.

Fantastic course; I recommend it without reservation. The course will teach in one week what might otherwise take months to learn. I came away feeling reasonably competent in the interpretation of cardiac CT.

As a fellow in this newly emerging, exciting field I wanted to attain a fundamental knowledge of CT. By attending this course, I received a lot more than I expected, including a wonderful learning environment with integration of many aspects of cardiology

This is an outstanding course, with an excellent curriculum and faculty. I highly recommend it. The lectures are especially good. The workstation training is thorough.

Faculty has a broad based experience. Large case library. They present the info in an organized and interesting fashion and this is one of the best CME courses I have attended. Would highly recommend.

Excellent review course! Highly recommend it, well structured with live cases, complex CAD, congenital and structural heart disease cases to discuss interspersed with presentations on basics of Cardiac CT's, including food, fun and history of medicine. Dr

excellent course. complete array of pathology. well informed and friendly faculty.

Excellent course with appropriate mix of didactic teaching and 'hands-on' practical work (cases). The cases are presented well and cover a broad range of general cardiac applications of cardiac CT.

This course was very well-run and included lots of interesting cases with a wide range of various pathologies, from coronary artery disease to complex congenital heart disease evaluation. I feel much more comfortable with the acquisition and interpretati

Excellent course. Great, smart teachers who are really nice, supportive, and truly enjoying teaching physicians about CT. I was surprised how much I learned in such a short time.

Excellent, comprehensive, hand-on, and interactive

excellent, a lot of hands-on and great clinical cases, would recommend to everyone

Excellent course directors, well paced program, all requirements are met without the course being hurried. All amenities provided for, really hassle free. No prior reading or preparation required.

Excellent experience

Very comprehensive overview of cardiac CT. Series of lectures and interactive sessions using CT workstations. Had very limited exposure to CT but felt a lot more confident after the course. I would highly recommend this course.

Excellent course with a comprehensive review of CT related topics balanced with hands on case reviews. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in learning coronary CT angiography.

Best experience, Dr Shapiro, Dr Bush and everyone devoted to teaching. Thank you!

A great learning experience - the course was very comprehensive, nicely paced and very, very educational.. Had the fortune of learning from these great and exceptional teachers!

This was an excellent course. The mixing of didactics and cases, both live and by archives, were comprehensive and helpful. The course directors and adjunct faculty were very knowledgeable. The learning curve was steep. I would highly recommend this course for anyone at all levels of training in cardiac CT and CTA.

Super class! Friendly, experienced professors that made a long week quite short and info packed! Highly recommend

Absolutely a tremendous course! Very educational, fun and great pace. It has helped me tremendously in my final year of training just before I head out into the real world as a non-invasive, imaging cardiologist. I will never forget this experience.

Excellent course! Drs Bush and Shapiro provide an excellent review and tutorial of CT coronary angiography. Each participant is given an individual workstation in which to review a variety of cases. Highly recommended.

Excellent course with great combination of live cases and huge case database. They start from scratch and cover everything from the basics of cardiac CT to advanced interpretation. I would highly recommend this course.

Cardiac CT course was definitely one of the best courses. It was extremely well structured and the teachers were outstanding. I would highly recommend this course to every cardiology fellow in general and especially, if you plan to pursue a career in cardiac imaging in future.

Excellent for sure

I have learned about this course from this website. I came with low expectations and I left with great feeling. Intense course covering all aspect of CT angiography from basics to a great number of pathology. (Had no significant previous experience with

Great teaching experience. Wonderful top-rated staff. Excellent lectures and great pathology. More than 150 Cases. Nice Bayview campus. Delicious Maryland crab cakes. Best in Baltimore.

Excellent course with great lectures and extensive hands-on review of many interesting cases on individual work stations.

Excellent course which is very comprehensive in its coverage of CTCA. There is a great mix of didactic lectures and interactive sessions with the workstation. Would highly recommend for any cardiologist.

Superb course. Well organized. Efficient. Great faculty !!

I took this course as a resident to get some experience with Cardiac CT for research. It was a very valuable experience. They have 500+ individual patient cases. The workstations, teaching and lectures were very educational.

this was a marvelously organized course with great content expertly presented. I left leaving confident in my abilities to perform and interpret cardiac CT but also very aware of the limitations of the technique. I highly recommend the course to anyone

This was a very good course. I would recommend this for any cardiology fellow who would be interested in advanced cardiac CT training.

An excellent course. Great in every way, faculty does a great job teaching and making you feel welcome.

Outstanding CCTA Course. Hands-on experience second to none! I would highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge about cardiac CT imaging.

Excellent overall education. Guest lecturers who wrote the SCCT guidelines come and present to us, in addition to 100+ CTA cases, we go over cath angio cases as well as ultrasound. Very well rounded course. Recommend it to everyone.

This course is very detailed with lots of hands on experience with the work station. Dr Shapiro and Dr Bush are amazing.

It was really great for me as a researcher and a person who is interested to continue his study in this field, I really appreciate it.

This is the best course I've attended for many years, perhaps forever. The teachers kept us wide awake and educated and some entertainment, too. This despite long days, 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. It is always exciting to learn from people who are so enthusiastic and excited to share their knowledge.

Wonderful course with knowledgeable and enthusiastic course lecturers... Loved the little anecdotes and personal aspect of the course. Great learning experience! - So much covered in a short space of time. Highly recommended for all interested in cardiac CT.

Excellent course! 10 out of 10 stars! Very thorough and up-to date. 100 cases in 5 days (until 07;30PM most days), along with great talks covering all issues within the field of Cariac CT by a very enthusiastic, entertaining, experienced team who love to teach. Recommended for new beginners as well as experienced readers.

Suggest adding an intro to vascular CT

Well organized. Covered a broad spectrum of cardiac evaluations and indications for Cardiac CT Angiography correlated with other invasive and non-invasive diagnostic modalities. Highly Recommend!

Excellent course. Great cases and once-in-a-life-time experience!

Excellent course, well organized, uses Vitrea system. Interesting cases with focus on coronary CTA but also covers EP indications and some vascular cases. Few/superficial congenital cases (has anomolus coronary arteries well covered and bicuspid valve for example but no complex congenital cases).

I would highly recommend this comprehensive and intensely educational course filled with more than 100 illustrative case presentations on each individual workstations explained one by one by the faculty. The faculty was fabulous and their enthusiasm was influential for further readings.

Awesome course. Very educational hands on learning experience.

This course covered a lot of material in a very organized and enjoyable way. Time was taken to make sure we were all familiar with manipulation of the data sets which allowed us to take full advantage of the clinical cases that were often accompanied by other imaging data( cath/echo/ MR)Cases were broken up with sort didactic lectures that really enriched the experience.

Excellent, comprehensive review of cardiac CT imaging.

Excellent coarse. I enjoyed it. I learnd a lot that will help me improve my Cardiac CTA application in my practice. I strongly recommended it to all cardiology fellow

Excellent course. Course directors worked tirelessly and covered almost all the aspects of cardiac ct very well. Will definitely recommend everyone.

Outstanding course from beginning to end. Well organized didactic lectures and most importantly, focus on CT cases all 5 days. Faculty is professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended course for cardiologists who are aiming to achieve level 2 or 3 and/or taking CT boards.

Excellent course! I've been to other ones and this one exceeded my expectations! I would highly recommend the course to any radiologist or cardiologist who is seeking to be level II certified.

Absolutely fantastic course. The passion displayed by the teachers is infectious. Great preparation for the boards.

Outstanding course with outstanding and energetic staff. The best course of them all.

Comprehensive and thorough. Faculty very enthusiastic about teaching.

Coursemaster Drs. Bush and Shapiro put more work and passion into this course than any teachers I can remember since those special teachers we all remember from grade school and high school. Much, much appreciated!

Good, informative and structured course.

Excellent course with thorough review of most current applications of cardiac CT. Highlights of the program were excellent clinical presentations and a very supportive faculty eager to help answer questions.

This was an incredible learning curve with extensive learning experience which will certainly enhance my reading and knowledge of cardiac CT. I would recommend to everyone without any reservation.

It's great course to understand basic of cardiac CT and aquire CCT analysis method. Faculties are very kind and helpful.

Exellent course;I truelly enjoyed it. Its probably the best course for CT angiography of coronaries in the country. Shaukat Khan

Excellent comprehensive course. Drs. Bush and Shapiro are great teachers and the course is very helpful for beginners. After this attending this course, I feel prepared to read cardiac CTs.

This was the best cardiac related course I have ever been to. Very informative, multi format, very enjoyable sessions with experts in the field, always immediately answering any theoretical or practical questions that arose.

My experience taking this course was excellent. The faculty are extremely knowledgeable, experienced and very down to earth. They are superb educators and can make even the most inexperienced trainees learn the concepts well and apply them practically in the real world. The facilities and arrangements are also excellent.

Great course!

The course was excellent! Drs. Shapiro and Bush provided fantastic instruction with many interesting cases. We learned the software and manipulation of images on our own workstations.

Good course

Excellent comprehensive course on all aspects of cardiac CT including up and coming modalities such as FFR and perfusion. Totally prepares you for clinical practice and meets case volume for level 2 certification.

excellent program

I'm a Phd student and the instructors were very descriptive. Even for a student with not enough background it was a great educational course.

Great comprehensive course, I would recommend for radiologists, cardiologists as well as technicians who will use CTA. Material is also appropriate for fellows in training.

Excellent CT Training course


very comprehensive and detailed review of cardiac CT and applications. Would have spent more time on the tougher cases such as the bypass and stent cases.

Excellent course, well organized and covered wide range of cases and updated didactics. I would recommend this course.

This course was an outstanding experience with an abundance of hands-on experience, small class size and a great combination of lecture, workstation and live case exposure. I am very glad I made the decision to participate.

I am a practising internist with special interest in cardiovascular non invasive testing and this course was the bill!!

outstanding course.

Outstanding experience. Highly recommended.

excellent course.covers everything from A to Z

Very thorough course. High quality lectures. Wide variety of clinical cases. Instructive in a non-threatening and friendly environment. Highly recommended.


Extremely well organized and practical course. Highly recommended.

Outstanding course! I learned so much in one week. I would definitely recommend this to anyone interested in learning cardiac CTA.

Excellent course

Great course. Wish could cover TAVR too

Outstanding course, starts from the most basic and works through to more advanced.

great course

This was an excellent course that thoroughly taught the basics of cardiac CT in the context of clinical cardiology. Educational, practical and hands-on experience.

great cases with excellent teachers.

Phenomenal instruction! Great use of didactics, hands-on workstation experience, food, fun, and collegiality.

great course

Absolutely wonderful course. Amazing teachers and excellent cases. There were plenty of cases to review with hands on experience. I will totally recommend this to those interested to get a good knowledge about CTA. Hats off to this tremendous effort from Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Bush.

Excellent course for learning CT cardiac. highly recommended

Excellent course

very entertaining


Excellent well organized course. Highly recommend it!

Excellent course. I would highly recommend this training course. Great cases, teaching, faculty, organization, environment.

Highly recommend this course to any cardiologist. Great cases and courses with amazing mentors.

Very useful and informative.

A truly outstanding, comprehensive review of Cardiac CT presented in a thorough, organized manner. Drs. Shapiro, Bush and the entire staff have done an extraordinary job covering this topic and presenting the information. The best review of Cardiac CT available.

Excellent experience! It will definitively change my practice in a innovative way.

Very educational. Great teachers. Great cases.

Excellent, well organized and very educational.

Excellent course for CTA interpretation.

Excellent! Absolutely loved Dr. Shapiro and the rest of the instructors.

Great course. Covers all the areas and good mix of practice and lectures. Recommend to everyone who wants to get into Coronary CTA.

Excellent course. Well organized. Nice correlation of CTA with cath and patient followup. Lectures were relevant and interesting. Would highly recommend to a colleague.

Great course. You learn more about cardiology than only cardiac CT.

Excellent and comprehensive review.

Absolutely amazing course. I went in with no CT knowledge and left feeling confident. Dr. Shapiro was incredible, nice, funny, and full of knowledge. I had an amazing experience and met great people too. I'd definitely come back again.

That was a great course that contained cases with didactic courses.

Outstanding course with experienced faculty and excellent administration staff. Will highly recommend this program to prospective physicians/scientists.

Excellent course, very friendly and personable staff. Would highly recommend to any one.

Well organized and great teaching

Excellent course which I can personally recommend. Comprehensive array of lectures and cases.

It is just great!

This is THE course to learn Cardiac CTA. The course is very well organized and presented. Not only is cardiac CT discussed but also many clinical correlates as well. I enthusiastically recommend this course without hesitation; and you will too.

Really nice and amazing course. The course faculty is very experienced and they have a wide variety of cases prepared for the course for hands on practice.

Great course, thank you! Lots of interesting hands on-cases. Superb organization.

Excellent course with incredible case and world class faculty.

It was an incredible privilege to part of this educational experience. 100% of the cases that we worked were accompanied with extensive history. The experience was filled with both very common cases, normal anatomy as well as very unique cases for which would be considered grand round material at any hospital. Dr. Shapiro also presented person experiences of clinical cases that were very challenging clinically to diagnosed as well as manage and we got an excellent headstart at how we might manage such cases if we bumped into them. This is an excellent program.

Privileged to be able to discuss cases collected over the decades with world-renowned faculty. Faculty who is truly dedicated in training the future generation of physicians.

Great experience!

Excellent course. Very thorough. I had minimal CT experience and left the course feeling very comfortably with interpreting cardiac CTs.

Excellent experience

Very enjoyable course. Course directors are personable and very approachable. A lot of information is covered over the week.


great course, great teachers, lot of good cases, very helpful staff; highly recommend

Excellent course. Great practical knowledge. Excellent instructors who are the best in their field. Will recommend it highly to my colleagues.

This was an excellent and comprehensive course with informative and entertaining instruction.

Excellent course for meeting the requirement for Level 2 training to qualify for the Boards. Excellent mix of cases and through analysis of the cases. I would definitely recommend the course.

The course and faculty were excellent. It was a fantastic initial exposure to interpreting Cardiac CT for a person with limited background in CT. Thanks to all the faculty for their excellent lectures and teaching.

The course content, lectures, and cases were fantastic. Drs. Bush, Shapiro and Hees were extremely knowledgeable, and packaged a LOT of information and cases in a very palatable way. Not only did I learn a lot about CCT, but I think the skills I gained will help my interpretation of coronary angiograms, echocardiograms, and MPIs. I would recommend this course to all graduating fellows.

Excellent course. Comprehensive. Lots of interesting cases for learning and discussion. Highly recommended.

Excellent practicum for all training levels. I learnt a lot during the session and confident that I would be able to move forward in reading cardiac CTs.

The course was extremely educating and met fully my expectations. My knowledge of Cardiac CT and Cardiology in general was highly enriched. I encourage other Cardiologist all over the world who have not had this type of experience to do so.

Great Course for introduction to cardiac ct.

Excellent course. Basic enough for novices but comprehensive enough to address all relevant comments.

Very comprehensive covering coronaries but also anomalies and other interesting cases.


Excellent course, very hands-on with direct mentoring from preceptors. Excellent and very experienced faculty. Free of any manufacturer or commercial bias. Highly recommended.

Great course! Excellent teaching, clinical vignettes, cath-CT correlation, and breadth of pathology. Highly recommended!

Excellent review and outstanding teachers. I highly recommend this course. Thank you.

Great experienceLots of casesNice discussion

Excellent course, I am a 3rd year fellow and felt this was a perfect week to learn CT. I would recommend this to any 3rd year fellow who has had little CT exposure and wants to get

The course is exceptional. We read a lot of cases and had a great time working at workstations.It will improve my practice.

Unbelievable course. Took me from 0 experience to a significant depth of knowledge, even though I do not think I will ever interpret CT as part of my practice, Dr. Sepiro is a very talented and inspiring teacher .

Excellent course, amazing teachers. A truly great experience overall!

Excellent course. Wide range of pathology correlated with cardiac catheterization and noninvasive imaging techniques. Hands on experience makes it extremely didactic. Outstanding teachers.Best course I have attended.

Unbeatable course!

Excellent course that offers a thorough review of coronary CT with an extensive library. Highly recommend for an in depth coronary CT review

Excellent course. Definitely recommend for anyone interested in getting level II or level III CT certification. Extensive database of cases that covers everything one might encounter in future readings of CTs.

well done

Great course. Excellent lectures and even better hands-on experience.Dr. Shapiro is a great teacher. He made the long, intense course interesting.I feel much more comfortable now reading a cardiac CT

Excelent course, amazing faculties than really want to teach and share the knowledge.

Comprehensive, detailed, committed to the discipline.

Excellent course. Learned a tremendous amount. All instructors are excellent and passionate about cardiac CT. The course provided a structured, methodical approach to CT which will definitely influence the way I approach cardiac CT.

Outstanding course. Very informative, many interesting cases reviewed. Highly recommended


Excellent course! One of the best courses I have attended in my academic career. Very thoughtful teaching with all lectured taught by seasoned experts who are leaders in the field of CT. Wonderful thorough didactics which were much appreciated and the dinner event was a very nice touch. I thoroughly enjoyed it and hope to return for a refresher course. Many thanks!

Great experience. Diverse pathology of cases and renowned speakers. The course is very comprehensive and entertaining at the same time. Very solid CT data base with correlation with cath, echo and clinical background. Highly recommended.

An excellent course of cardiac CT with rich library of various cardiac and non-cardiac pathologies, CT technologies, radiation safety, etc.

The best course that I have ever attended. Live cases. Despite being Level II trained in Cardiac CT, this course is a must. You will feel very comfortable in tackling any rare or common cardiac conditions.

Great cases from this course

Phenomenal and state of the art course with cutting edge technology and plethora of teaching cases.. Well done !

The best course that I have ever had. Strongly recommend to all cardiologist fellows in training.

I took this course during fellowship. One of the best educational experiences I've ever had. Impressive faculty and awesome cases! Highly recommend it!!

This was the best course I went to. Dr. Shapiro has a passion for teaching and excellent cases with follow up. I knew nothing before I came and I'm planning to take the boards later this year.

great course! Dr Shapiro is a wonderful mentor. The contrast lecture could be shorter

comprehensive, interactive and fun

This was one of the best educational weeks and money well spent!! There is a great group of very passionate cardiac CT experts who contribute to this course and do a great job of teaching you everything from the very basic to advanced applications. Highly recommended!!

exceptional course, great didactics, amazing cases, hands-on training,

One of the best courses I ever attended, and strongly recommend for anyone interested in cardiac CT training.

Excellent course. It is all you need to be able to read cardiac CT.

Excellent collection of cases and good blend of theory and practical applications.

Excellent course. Very thorough and comprehensive. Faculty are excellent and engaging. Great fun, great learning, excellent experience overall.

Excellent course to learn basics of cardiac CT. Instructors are very engaging and interactive. Dr. Shapiro is very knowledgeable and entertaining. Cases presented cover an entire spectrum of commonly and uncommonly seen pathologies. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone at various training and practicing levels.

Highly interactive course with very experienced cardiac CTA instructors and phenomenal clinical cases. Highly recommended course for wide range of cardiac CT training.

Absolutely fabulous course ! Worth every penny. I feel very confident about starting a program in cardiac CTA now. The instructors are superb, especially Dr. Shapiro. Thank you for the experience !!

This is a truly great course with very comprehensive coverage of all areas of interest in cardiac CT. The course is very hand-on and composed of great lecturers and mentors. Special thanks to Dr. Shapiro for running this course and for making it so interesting by his impressive presentation of so many amazing cases.

Excellent course, combining didactic lectures, live cases, and extensive library of cases covering wide range of pathology, classic findings, artifacts, and normals. Also invaluable is practice on actual workstation utilizing post-processing software during case review. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to gain proficiency in and better understanding of cardiac CT.

Exceptionally good course. Great amount of time spent on hand-on CT reading/3D workshop. Feel comfortable reading coronary disease/anomalies and most other basic stuff. Faculty and organizing staff is very invested in your learning, but flexible and ever ready to help out in every way.

Great course, very informative, did not know anything about CT before the course and was very easy to catch on. Would definitely recommend it to a colleague!

best CT course out there.

Amazing course with lot of hand-on practice. Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Zadeh are great mentors.

Outstanding course. Very well organized. Excellent resources. Excellent workstations and software. I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone interested in coronary CT.

Very Compressive. Great for cardiologists and radiologists. The professors kept my interest the whole time.

Good review of basics cardiac CT, fundamentals, normal and abnormal cases that would be seen in academic and non-academic center(s).

Excellent course with great cases and teachers. Will definitely recommend to my fellow cardiologist.


Excellent course that I highly recommend. The course instructors were very knowledgeable and the hands-on training was very useful.

Very extensive. From lectures to both common and rare CTAs to review, you will have cardiac CT coming out of your ears by the end of the week. Great for fellows and those in practice alike. I appreciated the discussion of future applications and look forward to staying up to date with this growing field. Afterwards, you will think of several cases you have seen in your own practice in which you will have wished you had obtained a CTA for a further understanding of the disease process.

Superb course! Well taught with exceptional instructors that were at the forefront of cardiac CT. Not only do you get to learn how to read cardiac CT, you are able to learn the rich history behind the evolution of CT and its ability to care for patients at risk for cardiovascular disease. Highly recommended, and worth every cent!

This is a truly excellent course on cardiac CT. It was the best, most comprehensive and most enjoyable week of clinical education that I have experienced for many years. The course is very well organised and contains a good balance of didactic teaching, exposure to live CT cases, and plenty of hands-on experience of CT scan interpretation and reporting. The enthusiasm and impressive teaching skills of Dr Shapiro and his colleagues is coupled with an impressive back catalogue of cardiac CT scans, accompanied by clinical vignettes and correlated angiographic findings. I unreservedly recommend this course to any clinician who wishes to learn cardiac CT or to expand their existing experience in this field.

Outstanding course---very thorough review of coronary cta and also very entertaining presentations. Would highly recommend.

Excellent course.I strongly recommend.They staff were fantastic.

Truly amazing course. Incredibly well organized. Taught by a group of cardiologists and radiologists clearly devoted as academics and clinician-educators in the purest form. Learned a great deal. Feel confident with my Cardiac CT skills after this intensive course.

Amazing CT Course!

Amazing course. Well organized and well rounded. I would recommend this course to every cardiologist (even who do not wish to read CTs) for a complete fun filled cardiology package.

This course is an excellent course to learn cardiac CT scan. It was one of the best courses I have attended as a medical doctor so far. I highly recommend this course to who is interested in cardiac imaging.

This was an amazing course from start to finish. The energy and excitement for CT is infectious, and so much practical knowledge comes through from the wide range of course instructors. Dr. Shapiro does a masterful job at teaching, and these cases will stay with me.

This is an amazing course, one of the best that I have ever had in my academic life. I highly recommend it.

This course is taught by cardiologists and therefore designed more for cardiologists than radiologists (which I am one), but still an excellent course nonetheless.All the teachers are excellent and have their own personalities. Course lecture outline is perfect for an introduction into this subject. Ed Shapiro is an excellent story teller and generous with his knowledge.Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Excellent course for introduction to CTA. Great cases and vignettes. Amazing teachers. Thanks!!

Excellent course that covered cardiac CT from the clinical and technical aspects. It's great for those who have no experience in cardiac CT and is equally great for experienced readers who would like to read with the experts and share great rare cases with medical and surgical correlation. It definitely worths its fee.

A phenomenal course. The instructors are clearly leading experts in the field of cardiac CT, the lectures are extraordinarily informative without being too long or technical, and the cases are interesting and cover many abnormalities. I would recommend this course to all cardiologists.

It was very informative and organized course

Great course. I highly recommend this course.

Excellent Course. Great review of Cardiac CT with correlation with echocardiographs and cardiac catheterization.

Excellent course academically.

great course

Excellent course that covers everything from the basics to advanced cases!

Outstanding course. The instruction in hands-on case analysis was really phenomenal and will be useful in practice.

Great course! Dr Shapira is the great faculty and every other faculty speakers were great. Really enjoyed the course. The most important aspect of the course is: we saw more than 100 different cardiac pathologies by cardiac CT which other courses may not offer.

Outstanding course. I would recommended to every fellow before graduation and for every cardiologist who is interested in imaging.

Outstanding course for understanding CT. Highly recommended

Excellent interactive course! Lots of different interesting cases. Dr. Shapiro, Dr.Paul Hees and Dr. Armin Zadeh have done and great job!

Overall an excellent course. The material is taught in a clear and well organized manner and the cases are top notch. The trainers review the cases with associated clinical vignettes and associated images from other modalities. I feel very well prepared for both boards and clinical practice having taking this course.

Great in depth course on coronary cta with cat correlations. Tremendous number of intestine cases. Great hands on processing

Great course. Long days, but necessary. Lectures generally good with exception of Contrast lecture (several factual errors) and CT Perfusion/CTFFR (not overly relevant to clinical practice).

A great course !

Fantastic course! Well designed, organized, good mix of didactic and cases. Enjoyed the hands on nature of the course, dedicated workstations, pre-printed didactic notes, and additional references (including printed guidelines). Looking forward to home remote access to additional cases. Appreciated food provided (breakfast, lunch, snacks). Also thought remote viewing of live observed cases was an efficient use of time. Would highly recommend to colleagues!


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