Annual Scientific Meetings
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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in the United States and imposes an ever increasing burden on health care systems. Rapidly changing technology and the criteria for its use continue to be at the forefront in the diagnosis and treatment of patients presenting with possible cardiovascular disease. Due to advancing technologies in cardiovascular imaging, it is essential that we close the knowledge, competence, and performance gaps by bringing together experts in the field to provide peer-to-peer education and interactive discussion through case-based, didactic, and interactive sessions. Cardiologists, radiologists, technologists, and other clinicians with an interest in cardiovascular disease will benefit from the varied formats at the SCCT Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM). SCCT has designed ASM to address and narrow the practice gaps of its members.


Upcoming SCCT Annual Scientific Meetings

SCCT2018 Annual Scientific Meeting

SCCT2019 Annual Scientific Meeting


Past SCCT Annual Scientific Meetings

SCCT2017 Annual Scientific Meeting

SCCT2016 Annual Scientific Meeting

SCCT 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting

SCCT 2014 Annual Scientific Meeting




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